Rent your Mallorca Property with Reservatum!

Ferienhaus Mallorca

Rent your Mallorca Property with Reservatum:
Payment of the holiday rentals guaranteed, fast and simple

Rent your Mallorca Property with Reservatum. Reservatum has guaranteed the payment of the rent clearly and simply, no surprises. We have extensive experience in the industry and have a high occupancy rate.
We carry a complete stock management, we have staff attending 24h calls from customers.
You just have to deal with the maintenance of the property.
Reservatum operates with full transparency and we have a high satisfaction by both owners and customers.

Optimal occupancy rate

Thanks to our international network, your vacation property can be booked through numerous points of reserve of Reservatum and its many partners and travel agencies across Europe. This compensates and balances the different tendencies to travel to certain countries. In addition, our clients have access to our offer 24 hours a day for direct bookings online. Thus, the reserve network of Reservatum ensures an optimal occupancy rate.

Transparency primarily

Reservatum regularly informs its owners over figures of the bookings in the moment and the latest news of the market and all that for you might be relevant. Reservatum communicates directly and transparently in all levels – from management to you directly. So, you as a customer are always current.

Multilingualism for owners and customers

We speak your language, either in their place of permanent residence or in the country of your holiday home. Your contact person in Reservatum understands and meets your needs competently and effectively. And so it is to all our customers, both as in their place of origin like in their destination vacation.

International marketing activities

As part of our international marketing activities, each year we spend thousands of Euros on professional marketing of our properties, either through the Internet, print publications, catalogs and direct marketing. In addition, we remain in constant contact with our customers; Each year we send thousands of letters, newsletters and personalized offers. In this way, Reservatum is present and active during the whole year in all relevant markets.

Why wait to work with us?

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