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Mallorca with Kids – Activities and Excursions

Mallorca with children

Mallorca with Kids –  Because what would be the best holiday memories if you couldn’t share them with your loved ones?

Whether as a summer vacation or a spontaneous break over the holidays … it is simply the most fun with the family and who is not in a good mood when you see the bright children’s eyes on the beach or when jumping into the pool?

Mallorca remains one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Why? Because it’s just a particularly child-friendly island! The flight duration of approx. 2 hours can usually be mastered with children without any stress and the holiday destination is a maximum of 1 hour drive with your rental car, which you can easily take over at the airport.

The holiday resorts offer fun for everyone. But which of the many excursions and activities are worthwhile with children? Of course, this always depends a little bit on the age, but these are my favorites when it comes to planning family trips in the sunshine:

Mallorca with Kids –  Excursions and activities popular with young and old:

1. La Reserva Puig de Galatzó

Off to the Tramuntana Mountains to the nature park at Puig de Galatzó. Tramuntana sounds like hiking? That’s right, but in this case it is only a 3.5 km walk through the nature park and there is so much to see that the majority of families can get through the park without the kids complaining. This is more likely to happen when it is time to leave. In the park you can see various waterfalls, animals, plants and beautiful views of the mountains.

Don’t forget to pack your picnic in your backpack. There are picnic spots in the park and at the end you can enjoy a barbeque, there is a petting zoo and a pool for the children to refresh. A highlight for children from 8 years of age are the adventure activities (unfortunately not included in the price) such as Rock climbing and abseiling.


Naturpark im Tramuntana Gebirge2. Katmandu Park

According to a very well-known rating portal, Katmandu is the best amusement park in Mallorca and the second best in Spain! You should of course like theme parks, because this is surely not the quietest place on the island. After the park opened in 2007 with the cult attraction “Katmandu house”, it continued to grow annually and offers exciting trips, 4D encounters and water fun. Great family fun no matter if you are a water lover or adrenaline junkie.


Freizeitpark Mallorca3. Forestal Park

The park is advertised as a high ropes course with the longest zip lines in Mallorca and you definitely can have fun here. Children can start their Mallorca adventure from a height of 1.10m and since age is only a number, there is of course no upper age limit. You are properly secured and can then start and have about 2 hours of fun in the family or with the group of friends. Short key data about the park: The high ropes park has a length of more than 200m and it goes up to 20m and is located near Palma.

Kletterpark Mallorca4. Water sports

There is something for every age. Whether it’s the well-known and popular banana ride, parasailing for two, to look out over the entire bay and far out to sea, or the trend sport paddle surf. Let’s go into the water! In summer there is nothing better and fun is guaranteed.

Mallorca Wassersport5. Western Water Park

My favorite among aqua parks. Why? Here you can still bring your own picnic, which of course does not rule out that you can buy snacks at lunchtime, but it is definitely a help in the holiday budget if you spend the day there with the whole family. The park has 4 different tariffs, one especially for small children and another for seniors. The attractions are of course not completely innocent so that the park is on my list.

Wasserparks auf Mallorca

6.Jungle Parc (dif. courses from 4 years) and Jungle Parc Junior (4-11 years)

The Jungle Park is a climbing park near Santa Ponsa and depending on the chosen course, 134 different platforms can be reached. It will be fun here, regardless of whether you are traveling with children or only with adults and, for example, choose the “Extremo” course. I can definitely recommend it. It is less extreme as it sounds but the fun factor is at least extremely high.

In addition, the Jungle Parc Junior was created, which is for kids from 4 to 11 years. The park is at Portals Nous and I can’t tell you whether the little ones are more excited before or after; but who doesn’t like to watch their little adventurers and help them master the 50 possible platforms?

Kletterpark Mallorca7. Railway of Sóller

In the most traditional train on the island you do not travel the quickest way, but that is exactly what makes it a really cozy family excursion. Yes, even if you live on the island, it’s a popular weekend getaway. Ideally, you can do this if you already had action on the previous days. My tip: Take the railway from Palma. Then you head towards Soller, where you can get out to stroll around the town, or you continue to Port de Soller, where the highlight is a delicious ice cream in the ice cream factory.

Mallorca Zug Pollensa8. Boats tour

Even if the well-known glass bottom boats do not absolutely live up to their name, it is still fun to take a tour. You can do a complete tour with a swim stop, or get off at one of the stops and explore the markets or towns. With children on board, I would not recommend a longer tour than 2 hours, because the freedom of movement on a boat is quite limited.

Bootsausflüge Mallorca9. Horseback riding Mallorca

Now one or the other may think … “oh no the poor horses” but if you go to the ranchos you will see that the horses are taken care of day after day. I have had horses myself for years and can tell you – there are no excursions in the extreme midday heat, nor are the horses treated or fed badly. Whether you are a beginner or advanced – everyone will find the right excursion for them, and finally no hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle, isn’t it?

Of course, I would also like to advise against the use of carriages, whether by horse or donkey! Incidentally, the horses do not come from the well know established riding stables, as it is often wrongly thought.

Ausreiten auf Mallorca10. Pirates Adventure

No matter which seat category you choose here, you have a good view, because the seats are max. 15 m from the stage. A dinner show for the whole family, which includes food and drinks in the price. The show is a mix of action, humor and acrobatics. Incidentally, there is also a reloaded show, which is from 18 years.

Dinner Show Mallorca

Have you already taken one of the excursions or are you already planning? We are of course happy to receive comments and further ideas.
A little tip at the end: If you plan to come in spring or Easter, take a detour to the spring fair in Palma. You can’t miss it with the illuminated ferris wheel.

Let’s go on family adventures on our sunny island Mallorca!

Sincerely yours

Janine D.

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Mallorca year round – multifaceted and alive

mallorca year round

Whether sunbather or island discoverer. It is completely irrelevant in which season you visit the island because Mallorca year round worth a visit. Rent a car and head off to visit some of the most beautiful scenic spots, or to grab one-of-a-kind photo moments of the landscape and its native species that can be seen over here in Mallorca year round.
You can book your rental directly with our cooperator: rent-a-car-mallorca

Of course, I could now tell you about Bellver Castle, the dragon caves in Porto Cristo or the aquarium in Palma. But as a Mallorcan connoisseur and lover, you already know this for sure. Here are my personal tips to experience Mallorca year round:

Embassement de Cúber

You should make the circular walk around the Cúber reservoir in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains at least once. The reservoir “Embassement de Cúber” is one of two major and important water reserves for the island’s capital Palma and is located at 750 meters above sea level, in the middle of the Tramunta Mountains.

The short hike is suitable for everyone and after the first impression may offer a barren landscape, you will notice while hiking how impressive and diverse the landscape really is. From here, the island’s highest mountain, the Puig Mayor, impresses and next to it there are 2 more mountains that are over 1000 m high and can be climbed. But we stay comfortable on the circular walk around the reservoir. Do not forget your snacks, as a picnic is fun on the way with the great view or if you prefer, at the end of the hike. If you visit the reservoir in the summer months, you should leave early in the morning or in the afternoon, as there is little shade around the Cúber Reservoir.

Rastrillo de Consell

Visit one of the largest and most important flea markets in Mallorca. Flea markets are not really your thing? Let yourself be convinced by the diverse offers and admire antiques to the strangest sales objects.
Parking is easy in the large car park. The fee is 1 €, which I think is pretty ok. Chaos is thus avoided and there is no “wild” parking along the main road. Incidentally, it’s dangerous and is now reminded with traffic tickets or the cars are towed. The address for your navigation system is: Poligono Industrial, Consell. The flea market takes place every Sunday from 9am to 2pm.

Bodegues Binissalem D.O., Ribas etc.

The wine gods were certainly in good spirits when the soil of Binissalem was blessed with almost perfect conditions for the production of wine. Protected by the Serra de Tramuntana and Alfabia, the vineyards thrive thanks to hot and dry summers and short and mild winters. The area was named in 1990 as D.O. (in english QWPSR) awarded in 1990 and is a small but dynamic region for excellent winemaking. Also worth a visit is the oldest winery on the island (1711). You can visit the Bodegues Ribas on your own or book a wine tour. This is worthwhile and there are various tours, for every budget.
Even as a private group, some tours can be booked, for example for a birthday or anniversary celebration. Further information can be found in our article on the Mallorca Wine Express and directly on the website of the organizer:

Castell d’Alaró

The ascent to the castle of Alaró is not the easiest but the visit to the 817-meter-high castle is well worth. During the descent, reward yourself with a visit to the restaurant Es Verger, which offers Mallorcan cuisine and is known for its lamb specialties. But now back to the castle.
The castle complex consisted in the origin of a fortress wall with five towers. Today only the remains of the fortress wall, the entrance gate and one of the main towers are preserved. This served according to history, the Moors as a prison. There are several routes up. The coziest with about 4 km is the way from Orient. Did I mention that the restaurant offers a unique panoramic view of the mountains and the beautiful landscape? Here we go! – The hiking boots will definitely find a place in your suitcase.

Ermita de Betlem

Where we have already packed the hiking boots, I present you a more comfortable route. From Betlem you follow the signs “Ermita de Betlem” and after a short walk you will reach the “Cases de Betlem”, where you will see the signposts on the deserted stables, over the partly stepped ascent. Enjoy the views of nature and the high cliffs with stalactite caves. On your hike you will pass the spring “Font de s’Ermita”, where stone benches invite you for a picnic, the water is natural spring water and can be drunk.
From the source it is only a few minutes to the entrance gate of the hermitage de Betlem, where you can access from the entrance gate to the  bright and friendly church. Before returning to your holiday house, make a stop at the Colonia de San Pedro and have some lunch in one of the cozy harbor restaurants.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences on vacation. Whether sporty or dignified. Great and unique memories can be created in Mallorca year round.
Now it’s time to pack the suitcase! What are you waiting for? Come and discover your personal highlight!

See you on the island!
Your Janine D.

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Funfair Mallorca

Mallorca Frühlingskirmes

Funfair Mallorca – Fun for all the family

Funfair Mallorca -a  recreational event celebrated in Palma de Mallorca and where a plenty of attractions for all ages, various food stalls, sweets and candies, archery and guns stalls.

The Funfair Mallorca is located in Palma, in the area of Son Fusteret and begins on February 28 and ends on April 28.

The reason of this fair is religious and starts with the arrival on the island of a sculpture of Veronica bearer of the relic of the Holy Face, which presumably was sent from Rome to the nuns of the monastery of Santa Margarita.

This statue aroused such great devotion among the Mallorcan people, that they decided to celebrate 3 festivities since the arrival of Veronica’s statue. ”Domingo de Ramos”, “miércoles santo” y “natividad de nuestra señora”.

Funfair Mallorca – big event with tradition

During the Palm Sunday and for a long period of time, many people gathered in the monastery of the nuns of Santa Margarita to visit and venerate the image of the virgin. For this reason  many traders have begun  to sell their products  in the near of the monastery.

This event was moved to different places in Palma; due to the crowds of visitors grew larger every year more and more. Then spontaneously appears the idea from the people of calling this event “Fira Del Ram”.

There are a several forms of access to the Funfair Mallorca, such as:
– With the  car from the highway or from Palma (this place has two large parking).
– By bus, with the number 10 (Sa Idioteria), which leaves you directly in front of the funfair.
– using the metro from the Plaza de España, taking the stop  Son Fuster Vell ( third  stop).

A series of tips to keep in mind before going to the Funfair Mallorca:

– Avoid the most crowded hours especially if you go with small children
– Saturday and Sunday mornings there are fewer queues to access to the rides and the prices are usually cheaper.
– There will be two days during the week, in which the 2×1 tickets will be provided there.

Funfair Mallorca – new attractions every year

The highlight of this year in the Funfair Mallorca, is the attraction ‘’Centrox’’. It has impacted those who have got on it. Mostly teenagers had heard that it looked like the Pot, but “instead of jumping up and down, it spins like a flying saucer.

Furthermore, if you still want to see something else after your  visit to the funfair, at the same time and in the same place, there is another event. The “Dinosaurs tour” is also perfect to visit with the whole family. It is the largest exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs.

You need more reasons to visit our beautiful island Mallorca in spring break or easter holiday?

Read our next blog and find out why choose Mallorca?

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Summer in Mallorca is unique! Don’t miss it!

verano en Mallorca

Summer in Mallorca! So much more to see than beaches!

The summer in Mallorca is unique year by year!
Of course we have beautiful beaches and small bays and we do love to jump into this crystal clear water. But there is so much more to discover and experience this summer!
It doesn’t matter if you only come to relax and try the great Mediterranean food, want to discover our culture and architectural highlights or to live great sport experiences.
Here are some of the upcoming highlights during the summer:

17. June 2019 – WTA Mallorca Open

With five natural grass courts, the competition is set to be high and will bring some of the biggest names in international tennis to Mallorca.
Last year we saw Angelique Kleber, Anastasija Sevastova,  Victoria Azarenka, Caroline Garcia, Carla Suárez Navarro, Shuai Zhang, Annett Kontaveit, Agnieszka Radwanska and many others at this important tournament.
Toni Nadal, the uncle and trainer of our famous tennis star Rafael Nadal, is the Tournament Director for the event and we might have a chance to spot his famous nephew on the courts training for Wimbledon while the competition takes place.

7. July 2019 – Inca Jazz Festival – Charity Event

Inca Jazz Festival offers a selection of jazz concerts, workshops and jam sessions. There won’t be a entrance charge but a 2€ donation is suggested. The event is organised in collaboration with local businesses and restaurants, so you can enjoy wine and tapas on the night before and after the performance. In total four jazz evenings are taking place in the Claustre de Sant Domingo, in Inca.

Summer Events in Mallorca! Sport events, concerts and Mallorcan culture!

From May until September – Deia International Music Festival – Classical music concerts at Son Marroig

The today known Deià International Music Festival had its beginning 28 years ago, when a mix of professional and amateur musicians came altogether for a workshop and began performing concerts in Llucalcari and the church of Deià. The quality of the guest artists have been growing continually since then.
Next to the Balearic Symphony Orchestra, plenty of artists from the island had already the opportunity to be part of the festival, performing at the Son Marroig Country House. Those attending have also had the pleasure of listening to well-known guest artists from all around the world.
Get your tickets here:

27.July 2019 – Copa del Rey, Palma – Prestigious sailing regatta in the Bay of Palma

Come and see the best Spanish yachtsmen in this regatta, including the King of Spain.
The Palma Regatta ‘copa de rey’, comes this year with a new attractions. The regatta will have a more festival atmosphere with live music, bars and restaurants set up in Sa Feixina Park, located between Es Baluard and Santa Catalina. So it’s worth a visit also with the whole family.

24. June 2019 – Fiesta of Sant Joan, Mallorca – Celebration of John the Baptist across Mallorca

Sant Joan (John the Baptist) is celebrated throughout Mallorca every year on 24. June and most towns and villages celebrate this day, as it is a bank holiday on the island.
In a  lot of towns like Deià, Muro and Son Servera, the patron is saint so their festivals usually last over a week with a lot of activities for the whole family.

In Palma, the day of the fiesta you can enjoy la Nit de Foc. La Nit de Foc (or Night of Fire) is one of the largest and most spectacular events on the island. The event takes place on the evening before and marks the summer solstice.
A lot of action awaits you in Palma, including dancing devils handling firecrackers and music and bonfires on the beaches. Pay attention to the well-known correfocs, when the demons with fireworks make walking through the streets. The event lasts into the morning.
You should also visit Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, where you can see the dance of Sant Joan Pelut, “Saint John the Hairy”, whose origins are unknown takes place. The figure of Sant Llorenç closely resembles the figure of Saint John, the Baptist who preached in the desert.

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Auditorium Mallorca – a magical world of spectacle

Auditorium Mallorca

The Auditorium Mallorca – a magical world full of spectacle – is located right in the middle of the bay of Palma, in the heart of the city and 10 minutes from the Palma de Mallorca Airport, which allows both local and foreign visitors to enjoy the best shows and events in Mallorca.

In 1969, the Center for Performing Arts and Conferences was built, which houses up to nine rooms, two of them, Sala Magna and Sala Mozart have a theater structure, equipped for the production of scenic arts with optimum visibility and sound to enjoy the theatrical interpretation, concerts, dance, ballet and all kinds of shows. At the same time both rooms serve as support for the realization of conventions and congresses.

The Auditorium Mallorca has a giant screen on the facade destined to the promotion of the most important shows that are on the billboard reaching an area of 11,000m2, turning it into a magical world full of spectacle and beauty at all levels.
The Auditorium Mallorca is the first building of these characteristics that is built in Spain, standing out with fantastic visibility, acoustics and comfort.

The next events in January that you can enjoy at Auditorium Mallorca, among many others, are the following:

– The great New Year’s concert (Johann Strauss Orchestra)next January 2, 2019
Inspired by the traditional musical event that takes place every year in Vienna, it includes the most famous titles of the king of the waltz, Napoleon, Flower Festival, The Emperor’s Waltz or Champagne. You will not miss the most famous waltz of all, The Beautiful Blue Danube, or the Radetzky march that, accompanied by the palms of the public, usually closes the evening. The concert is one of the most anticipated events of the musical season, due to the extraordinary festive climate that surrounds it and the enormous participation of an audience that, year after year, fills the halls. Therefore, you have to hurry to buy the tickets, which every year tend to run out with those looking for the perfect gift for Christmas.

– Moscow Ballet – on January 3 and 4, 2019

The Moscow Ballet will be in the Auditorium of Palma with The Swan Lake on January 3 and with The Nutcracker on January 4.
A wonderful dream began in 1989 when the director Timur Fayziev, soloist of the best Russian companies since his adolescence, founded the BALLET DE MOSCÚ with the aim of spreading his passion for the world of ballet. At present, the Moscow Ballet is proud of the strength of its experience, they have been 25 years on uninterrupted international tours. Its success lies in adding quality, commitment, passion for and with the world of Ballet.

– Mississippi Gospel ChoirChristmas to Gospel rhythmon January 6, 2019

Hallelujah! It offers an intense journey from spiritual songs of the nineteenth century, religious roots, to a tribute to the songs of protest and marches for freedom, where there is no shortage of well-known songs such as Oh Happy Day! The 20 best and greatest voices of black music come back to Auditorium Mallorca to make the audience vibrate again with its mixture of vitality and spirituality combined with those of funk and blues.

– Queen TributeBreak Free – January 25, 2019

One of the most powerful rock bands in history and all their successes return to the stage once again. This band manages to capture both the original sound and the style and staging that catapulted Queen to international fame. Topics like “We Are the Champions”, “Want to Break Free”, “We Will Rock You” or “Bohemian Rhapsody” that sounded in crowded macro festivals and football stadiums in the 70s and 80s today still ruffling the skin and setting the audience on fire

Symphonic Orchestra Illes Balears # 07 – Director: Pablo Mielgo, Violin: Midori Goto, Violin: Francisco Fullana – January 31, 2019

Another of the endless list of recommendations in this post, is undoubtedly for the symphony orchestra #7, ideal to revive the spirit of our ancestors and let ourselves be carried away by the sound of one of the most delicate and wonderful instruments: the violin.
Concert for Violin BWV 1042, MI MAJOR, J.S. BACH
Concert for Violin BWV 1041, LA MENOR, J.S. BACH
Concert for two violins BWV 1043, RE MENOR. J.S. BACH
Concert for two violins BWV 1052. J.S. BACH
Simfonia 3 “RENANA”, R. SCHUMANN

With these magnificent, historical and unforgettable shows, the RESERVATUM team wishes you a happy start to the new year full of great success and we recommend you visit the Auditorium Mallorca where you will undoubtedly enjoy events recognized and admired worldwide.

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Easter Holidays Mallorca. The Holy Week and The Passion of Christ

Easter Holidays Mallorca

Easter Holidays Mallorca. The Holy Week and The Passion of Christ

As every year, the Holy Week gives way to Easter Holidays Mallorca. It is celebrated in a very authentic way representing the last days of Jesus of Nazareth. It is a moment where religious feelings are mixed with the remarkable processions that represent the arrest, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In addition to the spectacular and crowded processions of Palma de Mallorca, there are a few towns in Mallorca where you will be able to watch representations of Jesus Christ’s last days. All of them in a more modest way, but more comfortable to enjoy and where you can see the affection that the people from that towns gives to the celebration.

In the town of Felanitx, you can enjoy the Davallament (The Descent) which represents the descent of the body without life of Jesus Christ after being crucified and his subsequent burial. Practically all the people collaborate with the representation, making this day one of the most important in the Felanitx calendar.

In the beautiful town of Pollença we can enjoy several important processions and also another version of the Davallament, this time with the incomparable setting of Pollença and its famous staircase as one of the main characters. A “must seeing” in Mallorca’s Holy Week.

And Last, but not least, the offer of the beautiful town of Artà during Holy Week is also very varied and recommendable. We invite you to come and pay a visit to this fantastic town with hundreds of years of history.

Giving way to the beginning of Easter, Holy Week is one of the most important holiday periods in Mallorca. After the winter, the island begins to fill with light, the days are longer and even the beaches begin to offer temperatures to think about a bath. The island at this time of year is perfect for cycling, trekking and enjoying the Mallorcan sun. Do not hesitate to book a few days on the island, from Reservatum we will be waiting for you.

In this year 2019, we will enjoy Easter and Holy Week from April 14th to 21st.

The Reservatum team.

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Mallorca in Winter – discover beautiful landscapes and mallorcan traditions!

Invierno en Mallorca

Mallorca in Winter

Mallorca Winter – Known as a summer destination with a lot of  sun and beautiful beaches, the main island of the Balearics offers much more, special in the winter months.

Palma de Mallorca in Winter is an ancient city with a lot of activity and authentic traditions; The rural environment throughout the island is green and just beautiful to visit and the Serra de Tramuntana is covered as a backdrop of white snow. All this makes Mallorca a very successful place in which to spend your Christmas holidays as a family or have a short getaway with friends.

* The Mallorcan traditions that you should know and see:

Christmas markets in Palma:
The spectacular craft market Som Nadalencs is located in the Plaza Mayor. Popular for its figurines of Bethlehem and for the typical mallorcan gastronomic products.

The Arrival of the Three Kings:
If something represents Spain, these are the 3 kings and on Mallorca its a spectacular event, if they arrive.The streets are filled with lights, camels and riders. Specially for children its  full of color and magic, the highlight of every Christmas season.
In some places like Porto Cristo or Cala Millor you can appreciate the beauty of seeing the three Kings loaded with gifts on a boat, arriving at the famous white beaches of Mallorca that for a night filled with magic and fireworks.

But not only is Christmas something beautiful on Mallorca in winter; during all the winter months occur events worth seeing, such as the birth of the blossom of the almond trees.
Between January and February all almonds of Majorca dress in white, blue and pink flowers, a print that has served as inspiration for paintings, novels and photographs.
You can visit places full of such almond trees as Randa or Sóller, or taste typical dishes of the almond on Mallorca like the Gatò (vanilla ice cream with a sweet almond cake) or the homemade Turrón (a kind of spanish confectionery). Book one of our beautiful holiday homes surrounded by countryside and almond trees and live close to these beautiful event.

You can also enjoy the celebration of San Sebastián in Palma or Sant Antoni in the rest of the towns, in January, this party was founded on the Island of Mallorca and really is fascinating.
If you like animals you can not miss the celebration, as hundrets of people bring their animals to be baptized.
And if you like food and good celebrations you can not miss this evening, where the streets are filled with bonfires and typical dances to their surroundings, music and fun.

Also during the winter there are many cultural offerings, you can see thousands of sculptures in the streets and cities of Mallorca, and many museums at your disposal from great sculptors and architects, to great painters or museums of Majorcan history.

Now you know! Mallorca is great in its fullness throughout the year, it is culture, it is beauty, it is so much more than sun and beaches.

Definitely a great choice for a good holiday – Mallorca in Winter!