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Posidonia in the Balearics

Oceanic Posidonia


Oceanic Posidonia is an aquatic plant, endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, belonging to the family Posidoniaceae. It is not an alga because it has the typical characteristics of terrestrial plants – roots, stems and leaves of up to one meter long.

Posidonia oceanic forms underwater meadows with an incredible ecological importance. It feeds more than 400 species of underwater plants and 1,000 species of marine and plant animals that find food and protection in the meadows and are also used for gastronomic purposes.

They are organized in clumps of 6 or 7 leaves, finding the oldest ones on the outside and the youngest ones in the interior reproducing both sexual and asexual way by stolons.

This species is found only in the Mediterranean Sea occupying an area of ??approximately 38,000 km², thus becoming a key species of the coastal marine ecosystem. Some believe that posidonia on the beaches is considered a solid waste and that, therefore, it should be eliminated. On the other hand, others consider that posidonia could be used as composting material, although this is prohibited by the Italian law 748/84, which prohibits the use of “algae and marine plants” for the preparation of compost.

On the beaches, especially in winter, there are also brown “balls” of Posidonia fibers formed by the waves.

It lives between 1 and 30 meters deep and, exceptionally, only in very clear waters, it can reach up to 40 meters, with temperatures between 10 and 28ºC.

The main factors that threaten the oceanic Posidonia meadows are maritime works, the pollution of coastal waters, the generation of artificial beaches and removal of dead leaves that reach the beaches and the anchorage of boats.

These ecosystems, which occupy approximately half a million km², are in decline on a global scale, with an estimated loss rate of 1-2% per year (four times the rate of loss of tropical forests); in the Mediterranean, however, this figure rises to 5%. In addition, the slow growth of these plants (2 cm / year) and their scarce seed production make the losses irreversible, since the recovery of a pasture requires several centuries.

The Balearic Islands have an area of ??55,795 hectares of Posidonia meadow, of which 7,650 hectares correspond to the waters of Formentera. This translates into 76.5 million m² to protect only in Formentera.

Let’s take care of the posidonia, value our ecosystem and respect nature. It is a treasure that was born so that we can preserve it, appreciate it and enjoy letting itself be part of the wonderful beaches of the Mediterranean and of the beauty that we can admire under the sea.

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Things to Do in Mallorca to have fun – Top 10 Activities

cosas que hacer en Mallorca

Things to Do in Mallorca to have fun – Top 10 Activities

Things to do in Mallorca to have fun- Especially for all summer lovers, who enjoy the sun and the sea, Mallorca is the ideal destination. It is a Mediterranean island with wonderful white sandy beaches and pleasant summer temperatures, for a wonderful holiday in the sea, in a modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Mallorca, in addition to its fantastic beaches, offers the tourist a wide range of leisure and fun, especially in Palma and Manacor, its two main cities as well as in the coastal towns of Alcúdia, Puerto de Pollensa, Formentor, Cala Ratjada, Cala Millor or Porto Cristo in a very lively tourist environment especially in the summer months.

Things to do in Mallorca for fun: Top 10
We present our Top 10 List A Complete Activity Guide to take advantage of your trip to Mallorca and spend the best vacations this summer.

Things to Do in Mallorca to Have Fun and spend a Dream Vacation in Mallorca: Enjoy the Summer!

  1. Visit the Best White Sand Beaches. To enjoy Mallorca, the first thing we recommend is to take a swim in the crystal clear waters in the best Mallorcan beaches:

-Cala Varques aprox. 12km from Porto Cristo
– Mondragó, in Santanyí
-Cap de Formentor in Pollensa
Beach in Cala Millor
-Es Trenc in Campos
-Bay of Alcúdia
-Cala Ratjada

  1. Get to know the Serra de Tramuntana, world heritage, due to its incalculable landscape, cultural and historical value.
  1. Ride a bike. Pedal calmly looking at the landscapes of inland villages such as Petra, Sant Joan, Sineu or choose a route along the coast, near the sea for beaches like Es Trenc.
  1. Go to Concerts, Music and Theater Festivals, go to the cinema, visit the fairs and weekly markets.
  1. Enjoy the best Mallorcan restaurants, especially typical dishes such as ‘frito mallorquín’, ‘arrós brut’ (stewed rice with meat), ‘tumbet’ and ‘coca de trampó’. You can also taste the Mallorcan ‘Sobrassada’.
  1. Discover the most charming villages of Mallorca. It is essential to visit the villages of Formentor and Alcúdia, walk around Valldemossa, take the Sóller train and visit Petra.

Shopping, going out at night, relaxing on the beach and practicing outdoor sports: The options of fun in Mallorca are unlimited

  1. Go Shopping to Palma or Manacor. It is a must see the old town of Palma and Manacor where you will find the best crafts to give away or stay as a souvenir of your trip.
  1. Relax in a Spa. Disconnecting in one of the island’s spa centers is an option to rest from the routine. In Mallorca you will find a wide offer in wellness and beauty. From the classic massages to the most exclusive and exotic treatments.
  1. ¡Fiesta! Palma de Mallorca, Puerto Andratx or Cala Ratjada offer a vibrant nightlife. Enjoy restaurants, nightclubs and pubs. They are open until dawn to go out in the evening to dine and dance afterwards.
  1. Playing Golf in Mallorca is a real pleasure for professional golfers golf fans in general. The beautiful Spanish island has excellent golf courses that are technically very demanding. Among the best known, we highlight the Arabella Golf Son Vida, Sera de Pula, Puntiró, Alcanada Golf and Son Gual.

More LEISURE activities in Mallorca: Sports events, Aquatic Park, Zoo

In addition to this TOP 10 there are many leisure options, such as visiting the Palma Aquarium, the Zoo, cruising, spending a day at the water park, tennis tournaments, football and basketball games, etc.
Enjoy your Majorca holiday!
You have more ideas about things to do in Mallorca to have fun? Share them with us in the comments. If you like Mallorca, share this news in your social networks.

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Vía Verde Mallorca

Vía Verde Mallorca

Vía Verde Mallorca

Between the towns of Manacor, the second largest city of Mallorca and Artà a city full of rustic and typical atmosphere, is the increasingly famous Vía Verde Mallorca, which was built on the tracks of a former railway, from the tracks of an ancient railroad known as such worked between the years 1921 and 1977.

The old railway that connects the cities of Mallorca and went very close to the coast with stunning views of the sea and Son Servera, where it connected with the bike path leading to the nearest white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters and today continues the Vía Go away.

Vía Verde Mallorca – Forests and Mediterranean nature

As you walk along the Vía Verde, immerse yourself in the Mallorcan agriculture and in the typical forests of the island, with more than 6.000 indigenous trees from the Balearic Islands.

With 29 kilometers in length and easy level of difficulty, fully suitable for hiking, horse riding or cycling the “Vía Verde” runs from Manacor to the towns of Artà by Sant Llorenç, Son Carrió and Son Servera all very charming and full of Mallorcan tradition. Above all, this route is designed to enjoy with family and friends as well as promote tourism and sports in contact with the Mediterranean nature.

The “Vía Verde” de Mallorca has almost 4 feet wide, no difficulty in passing and has 6 seating areas with benches and picnic tables or picnic to sit and relax, also has aparcabicicletas areas and landscaped gardens.

The proximity of the greenway to Cala Millor, Sa Coma and Cala Bona make it a great option for enjoying these coastal towns and exploring the countryside further away from the coast.

From Cala Millor, known for its great international atmosphere and its white sandy beaches, halfway, there are several entrances to Vía Verde, such as:

  • On the bike path from Cala Millor towards Son Servera, right at the entrance of the city center
  • From the road PM-4023, from Porto Cristo to Son Servera:
  • From the road from Cala Millor to Son Carrió, at the roundabout, 500 meters.
  • On the way to Na Penyal.

There are other approaches along the route that make it possible to integrate many points.

La Vía Verde is a direct connection to the capital of the region Llevant, Manacor, where you can connect with Inca and Palma by train, two places full of life, we recommend you to visit.

La Vía Verde is waiting for you, do not think twice and go on one of the most beautiful routes in Europe.

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Top 7 Beaches Mallorca

Strände Mallorca

Beaches Mallorca – Sun, white sand and crystal clear water in Mallorca

Beaches Mallorca – The main attraction of Mallorca are the wonderful beaches Mallorca. If you are planning to travel to the island and see the beaches, we recommend you to rent a villa with private pool, It gives you much more freedom than staying in a hotel; you can enjoy an entire home with family and friends, organize better without any Timetables , planning barbecues, cooking, etc.

Among the most beautiful beaches on the island we include:

  • Cala Millor with more than 1km in length, is open to the sea and it is one of the most popular white sand beaches with its clear and clean waters. Cala Millor is 3km from Son Servera. Along the boulevard of Cala Millor you can go for some shopping after a beautiful day at the beach in one of the plenty shops or you relax in one of the beautiful cafes and restaurants with wonderful sea views.
  • Costa de los Pinos is a very exclusive residential area in the East of Mallorca, famous for its beaches and sandy bay surounded by Pine woods and hills. There is a beach bar, where you can enjoy fresh drinks and have some lunch.
  • Cala d’Or is one of the first coastal residential areas of Mallorca with a variety of bays, which are open to the sea. The beach of Cala d’Or is a white sand beach with rocks.
  • In Cala Ratjada you should visit the beach of Son Moll, a beach of white and very fine sand. Also noteworthy are the beaches of Cala Agulla, Cala Mesquida, the beautiful beach in Canyamel or Font de Sa Cala.
  • The coastline of Pollensa is immense, with spectacular cliffs, headlands, islands, the closed bay of Pollença with white sandy beaches.
    Enjoy the beach of Llenaire or Puerto Pollensa with around 1.000m Length, which also is ideal for take a nice walk to the harbour. The white sand and pebbles beach of Can Cullerassa is around 500m. Other bays are Cala Formentor Pollensa, Cala Figuera, Cala Clara, Cala Murta, Cala Sant Vicens.
  • Porto Cristo is a beautiful seaside village about 12 km from Manacor, the second largest city of Mallorca. The beach is not one of the biggest with its 300m length, but its a wonderful and protected bay with white sand and cristal clear waters. In Porto Cristo you can visit also the famous caves “Cuevas del Drach” with its underground lake.
  • Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the island and offers all amenities of a big city, like restaurants, with typical mallorcan but also international foods, shops etc.

The sandy Mallorca beaches of Cala Estancia, Playa de Palma, Ciudad Jardín, Ca’n Pere Antoni and Cala Major are easily accessible and are equipped with multiple services. On the beaches of Palma you can practice various water activities such as swimming, diving, boating etc.