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Mallorca with Kids – Activities and Excursions

Mallorca with children

Mallorca with Kids –  Because what would be the best holiday memories if you couldn’t share them with your loved ones?

Whether as a summer vacation or a spontaneous break over the holidays … it is simply the most fun with the family and who is not in a good mood when you see the bright children’s eyes on the beach or when jumping into the pool?

Mallorca remains one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Why? Because it’s just a particularly child-friendly island! The flight duration of approx. 2 hours can usually be mastered with children without any stress and the holiday destination is a maximum of 1 hour drive with your rental car, which you can easily take over at the airport.

The holiday resorts offer fun for everyone. But which of the many excursions and activities are worthwhile with children? Of course, this always depends a little bit on the age, but these are my favorites when it comes to planning family trips in the sunshine:

Mallorca with Kids –  Excursions and activities popular with young and old:

1. La Reserva Puig de Galatzó

Off to the Tramuntana Mountains to the nature park at Puig de Galatzó. Tramuntana sounds like hiking? That’s right, but in this case it is only a 3.5 km walk through the nature park and there is so much to see that the majority of families can get through the park without the kids complaining. This is more likely to happen when it is time to leave. In the park you can see various waterfalls, animals, plants and beautiful views of the mountains.

Don’t forget to pack your picnic in your backpack. There are picnic spots in the park and at the end you can enjoy a barbeque, there is a petting zoo and a pool for the children to refresh. A highlight for children from 8 years of age are the adventure activities (unfortunately not included in the price) such as Rock climbing and abseiling.


Naturpark im Tramuntana Gebirge2. Katmandu Park

According to a very well-known rating portal, Katmandu is the best amusement park in Mallorca and the second best in Spain! You should of course like theme parks, because this is surely not the quietest place on the island. After the park opened in 2007 with the cult attraction “Katmandu house”, it continued to grow annually and offers exciting trips, 4D encounters and water fun. Great family fun no matter if you are a water lover or adrenaline junkie.


Freizeitpark Mallorca3. Forestal Park

The park is advertised as a high ropes course with the longest zip lines in Mallorca and you definitely can have fun here. Children can start their Mallorca adventure from a height of 1.10m and since age is only a number, there is of course no upper age limit. You are properly secured and can then start and have about 2 hours of fun in the family or with the group of friends. Short key data about the park: The high ropes park has a length of more than 200m and it goes up to 20m and is located near Palma.

Kletterpark Mallorca4. Water sports

There is something for every age. Whether it’s the well-known and popular banana ride, parasailing for two, to look out over the entire bay and far out to sea, or the trend sport paddle surf. Let’s go into the water! In summer there is nothing better and fun is guaranteed.

Mallorca Wassersport5. Western Water Park

My favorite among aqua parks. Why? Here you can still bring your own picnic, which of course does not rule out that you can buy snacks at lunchtime, but it is definitely a help in the holiday budget if you spend the day there with the whole family. The park has 4 different tariffs, one especially for small children and another for seniors. The attractions are of course not completely innocent so that the park is on my list.

Wasserparks auf Mallorca

6.Jungle Parc (dif. courses from 4 years) and Jungle Parc Junior (4-11 years)

The Jungle Park is a climbing park near Santa Ponsa and depending on the chosen course, 134 different platforms can be reached. It will be fun here, regardless of whether you are traveling with children or only with adults and, for example, choose the “Extremo” course. I can definitely recommend it. It is less extreme as it sounds but the fun factor is at least extremely high.

In addition, the Jungle Parc Junior was created, which is for kids from 4 to 11 years. The park is at Portals Nous and I can’t tell you whether the little ones are more excited before or after; but who doesn’t like to watch their little adventurers and help them master the 50 possible platforms?

Kletterpark Mallorca7. Railway of Sóller

In the most traditional train on the island you do not travel the quickest way, but that is exactly what makes it a really cozy family excursion. Yes, even if you live on the island, it’s a popular weekend getaway. Ideally, you can do this if you already had action on the previous days. My tip: Take the railway from Palma. Then you head towards Soller, where you can get out to stroll around the town, or you continue to Port de Soller, where the highlight is a delicious ice cream in the ice cream factory.

Mallorca Zug Pollensa8. Boats tour

Even if the well-known glass bottom boats do not absolutely live up to their name, it is still fun to take a tour. You can do a complete tour with a swim stop, or get off at one of the stops and explore the markets or towns. With children on board, I would not recommend a longer tour than 2 hours, because the freedom of movement on a boat is quite limited.

Bootsausflüge Mallorca9. Horseback riding Mallorca

Now one or the other may think … “oh no the poor horses” but if you go to the ranchos you will see that the horses are taken care of day after day. I have had horses myself for years and can tell you – there are no excursions in the extreme midday heat, nor are the horses treated or fed badly. Whether you are a beginner or advanced – everyone will find the right excursion for them, and finally no hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle, isn’t it?

Of course, I would also like to advise against the use of carriages, whether by horse or donkey! Incidentally, the horses do not come from the well know established riding stables, as it is often wrongly thought.

Ausreiten auf Mallorca10. Pirates Adventure

No matter which seat category you choose here, you have a good view, because the seats are max. 15 m from the stage. A dinner show for the whole family, which includes food and drinks in the price. The show is a mix of action, humor and acrobatics. Incidentally, there is also a reloaded show, which is from 18 years.

Dinner Show Mallorca

Have you already taken one of the excursions or are you already planning? We are of course happy to receive comments and further ideas.
A little tip at the end: If you plan to come in spring or Easter, take a detour to the spring fair in Palma. You can’t miss it with the illuminated ferris wheel.

Let’s go on family adventures on our sunny island Mallorca!

Sincerely yours

Janine D.

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Mallorca year round – multifaceted and alive

mallorca year round

Whether sunbather or island discoverer. It is completely irrelevant in which season you visit the island because Mallorca year round worth a visit. Rent a car and head off to visit some of the most beautiful scenic spots, or to grab one-of-a-kind photo moments of the landscape and its native species that can be seen over here in Mallorca year round.
You can book your rental directly with our cooperator: rent-a-car-mallorca

Of course, I could now tell you about Bellver Castle, the dragon caves in Porto Cristo or the aquarium in Palma. But as a Mallorcan connoisseur and lover, you already know this for sure. Here are my personal tips to experience Mallorca year round:

Embassement de Cúber

You should make the circular walk around the Cúber reservoir in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains at least once. The reservoir “Embassement de Cúber” is one of two major and important water reserves for the island’s capital Palma and is located at 750 meters above sea level, in the middle of the Tramunta Mountains.

The short hike is suitable for everyone and after the first impression may offer a barren landscape, you will notice while hiking how impressive and diverse the landscape really is. From here, the island’s highest mountain, the Puig Mayor, impresses and next to it there are 2 more mountains that are over 1000 m high and can be climbed. But we stay comfortable on the circular walk around the reservoir. Do not forget your snacks, as a picnic is fun on the way with the great view or if you prefer, at the end of the hike. If you visit the reservoir in the summer months, you should leave early in the morning or in the afternoon, as there is little shade around the Cúber Reservoir.

Rastrillo de Consell

Visit one of the largest and most important flea markets in Mallorca. Flea markets are not really your thing? Let yourself be convinced by the diverse offers and admire antiques to the strangest sales objects.
Parking is easy in the large car park. The fee is 1 €, which I think is pretty ok. Chaos is thus avoided and there is no “wild” parking along the main road. Incidentally, it’s dangerous and is now reminded with traffic tickets or the cars are towed. The address for your navigation system is: Poligono Industrial, Consell. The flea market takes place every Sunday from 9am to 2pm.

Bodegues Binissalem D.O., Ribas etc.

The wine gods were certainly in good spirits when the soil of Binissalem was blessed with almost perfect conditions for the production of wine. Protected by the Serra de Tramuntana and Alfabia, the vineyards thrive thanks to hot and dry summers and short and mild winters. The area was named in 1990 as D.O. (in english QWPSR) awarded in 1990 and is a small but dynamic region for excellent winemaking. Also worth a visit is the oldest winery on the island (1711). You can visit the Bodegues Ribas on your own or book a wine tour. This is worthwhile and there are various tours, for every budget.
Even as a private group, some tours can be booked, for example for a birthday or anniversary celebration. Further information can be found in our article on the Mallorca Wine Express and directly on the website of the organizer:

Castell d’Alaró

The ascent to the castle of Alaró is not the easiest but the visit to the 817-meter-high castle is well worth. During the descent, reward yourself with a visit to the restaurant Es Verger, which offers Mallorcan cuisine and is known for its lamb specialties. But now back to the castle.
The castle complex consisted in the origin of a fortress wall with five towers. Today only the remains of the fortress wall, the entrance gate and one of the main towers are preserved. This served according to history, the Moors as a prison. There are several routes up. The coziest with about 4 km is the way from Orient. Did I mention that the restaurant offers a unique panoramic view of the mountains and the beautiful landscape? Here we go! – The hiking boots will definitely find a place in your suitcase.

Ermita de Betlem

Where we have already packed the hiking boots, I present you a more comfortable route. From Betlem you follow the signs “Ermita de Betlem” and after a short walk you will reach the “Cases de Betlem”, where you will see the signposts on the deserted stables, over the partly stepped ascent. Enjoy the views of nature and the high cliffs with stalactite caves. On your hike you will pass the spring “Font de s’Ermita”, where stone benches invite you for a picnic, the water is natural spring water and can be drunk.
From the source it is only a few minutes to the entrance gate of the hermitage de Betlem, where you can access from the entrance gate to the  bright and friendly church. Before returning to your holiday house, make a stop at the Colonia de San Pedro and have some lunch in one of the cozy harbor restaurants.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences on vacation. Whether sporty or dignified. Great and unique memories can be created in Mallorca year round.
Now it’s time to pack the suitcase! What are you waiting for? Come and discover your personal highlight!

See you on the island!
Your Janine D.

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Hiking Mallorca

Wandern Mallorca

Hiking Mallorca – the best open air sport

Hiking Mallorca has always been and will always be a magnificent sport to practice in a dream destination for everyone, being able to practice amount of outdoor activities. With the incomparable mild climate of the Balearic Islands, you should not miss the hiking routes that this beautiful island offers us, because as well as being able to cross it by bicycle, we can go on foot. Some of the most well-known routes perfect for hiking Mallorca, which we differentiate by their levels of difficulty, are the following:

  • Sant Elm-Sa Dragonera (medium difficulty)

Leaving from Andratx towards Sant Elm, passing through the Avenida de la Trapa towards the Tomeví road, it goes down until reaching the old monastery that is currently becoming a mountain refuge; we can contemplate wonderful views of the whole landscape including the Island of Dragonera and Cala en Basset.

  • Artà-Lluc (high difficulty)

Structured in several stages it also provides a fun and signalized tour.

Stage 1: Artà– Sa Duaia- Cala Torta- Torre d’Albarca- Refuge of S’Arenalet des Verger (17.258 km) -Parcialally signposted
Stage 2: S’Arenalet des Verger- S’esquena Llarga- S’Alqueria Vella d’Avall- Ermita de Betlem- Betlem (14,092 Km) -Signified
Stage 3: Betlem- Caloscans- Colònia de Sant Pere- Sa Canova- Son Serra de Marina– Son Serra- Montblanc- Santa Margalida (31,261 Km) -Partially signposted
Stage 4: Santa Margalida- Llubí- Inca (23.408 km)
Stage 5: Inca- Selva- Caimari- Lluc (15,170 km) -Partially signposted

  • Es Galatzó-ses Sínies (low difficulty)

In a walk of just over an hour, also adapted for people in wheelchairs; we find areas of traditional culture, typical mediterranean vegetation, a rest area and the village of Ses Sínies, an archaeological site dating from the Bronze Age.

  • Torrent de Pareis-Sa Calobra (medium difficulty)

Called “Natural Monument” in 2003 for the diversity of its fauna and flora. It has been progressively transformed avoiding the consequences of human action and develops on a rough soil free of moisture. All its way ends in sa Calobra, in the Sierra de Tramuntana, a totally recommended destination.

  • Sa Pedra en Sec (high difficulty)

Hiking Mallorca knows also the route of “Pedra en Sec” (= dry stone), aslo known as GR-221. It is a 283km trail that crosses the Sa Serra de Tramuntana de Mallorca from end to end. It is known by this name for the amount of constructions made with the method of dry wall construction that are found as they go along the road combining coastal areas, little or no inhabited towns and villages; agricultural areas; forests; bushes and the highest peaks.

Finally, it is worth mentioning in this post of hiking Mallorca “the route of the almond trees”; so called because in the Balearic Islands, thanks to its great flora richness and its mild climate, more than 7 million trees bloom from the end of January, especially in the municipalities of Marratxí, Bunyola and Sóller or also in towns such as San Llorenç, Son Servera or Llucmajor. A recommended route would be the one that goes from Selva to Moscarí, where we will enjoy without limits the authenticity and color of these beautiful trees in bloom.

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Serra de Tramuntana

serra de tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana

In Mallorca you can discover fascinating views walking through the Serra de Tramuntana, the main mountain range of the Balearic Islands. Especially now in winter, as our landscapes look very special. It’s amazing how our island shines every time more and more! It is our pleasure to share the charming views from the “Puig Major1.436 m high, the highest mountain of the island which is located on the Sierra de Tramuntana.

The mountain range is located in the northwest of the island. Hence its name, since the north wind is the wind that comes from that direction, but more specifically its northern component, which is Tramuntana wind according to the wind rose local (Mediterranean). Its origin goes back to the alpine retreat of the secondary era. In it are the three large dams of Mallorca: Cúber, the Gorg Blau and the military for the use of the base of Puig Major. Discover the Mallorcan nature by walking through some beautiful valleys of the Balearic Islands.

Discover the highlights of the Serra de Tramuntana

At the top of it, there is a military installation, the army of air. It encourages us to explore the beautiful island in which we live the Mallorcans, for its prehistory and success. The “Gorg Blau” and the “Embassament de Cúber” are two torrents in the middle of the mountains. You will find them near the Puig Mayor and in the habitat of the “Serra de Tramuntana”. These two torrents are those that supply us with water in Mallorca. The fact that our island has such a moving and interesting history, in addition to having such breathtaking views at the same time so precious, should motivate us to get to know the most hidden corners of “Mallorqueta“. As well as, the same area offers a natural park with a very unique atmosphere.

The best known and recognized worldwide deep canyon for its high difficulty is “Sa Fosca”. It leaves from the Gorg Blau reservoir towards the “Torrent de Lluc”, where they join forming the famous “Torrent de Pareis”, with vertical wall, up to 300 m. You can plan a full day trip where you can take beautiful photos. Or you could do magnificent landscape drawings and work our creativity in outdoors surroundings. Dare to climb to the top of the Puig Major, enjoying our nature. Breathe in very deeply the perfect refreshing air and unique breezes that Mallorca has to offer. Experience impressive excursions, both, in winter and summer-time.

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Things to Do in Mallorca to have fun – Top 10 Activities

cosas que hacer en Mallorca

Things to Do in Mallorca to have fun – Top 10 Activities

Things to do in Mallorca to have fun- Especially for all summer lovers, who enjoy the sun and the sea, Mallorca is the ideal destination. It is a Mediterranean island with wonderful white sandy beaches and pleasant summer temperatures, for a wonderful holiday in the sea, in a modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Mallorca, in addition to its fantastic beaches, offers the tourist a wide range of leisure and fun, especially in Palma and Manacor, its two main cities as well as in the coastal towns of Alcúdia, Puerto de Pollensa, Formentor, Cala Ratjada, Cala Millor or Porto Cristo in a very lively tourist environment especially in the summer months.

Things to do in Mallorca for fun: Top 10
We present our Top 10 List A Complete Activity Guide to take advantage of your trip to Mallorca and spend the best vacations this summer.

Things to Do in Mallorca to Have Fun and spend a Dream Vacation in Mallorca: Enjoy the Summer!

  1. Visit the Best White Sand Beaches. To enjoy Mallorca, the first thing we recommend is to take a swim in the crystal clear waters in the best Mallorcan beaches:

-Cala Varques aprox. 12km from Porto Cristo
– Mondragó, in Santanyí
-Cap de Formentor in Pollensa
Beach in Cala Millor
-Es Trenc in Campos
-Bay of Alcúdia
-Cala Ratjada

  1. Get to know the Serra de Tramuntana, world heritage, due to its incalculable landscape, cultural and historical value.
  1. Ride a bike. Pedal calmly looking at the landscapes of inland villages such as Petra, Sant Joan, Sineu or choose a route along the coast, near the sea for beaches like Es Trenc.
  1. Go to Concerts, Music and Theater Festivals, go to the cinema, visit the fairs and weekly markets.
  1. Enjoy the best Mallorcan restaurants, especially typical dishes such as ‘frito mallorquín’, ‘arrós brut’ (stewed rice with meat), ‘tumbet’ and ‘coca de trampó’. You can also taste the Mallorcan ‘Sobrassada’.
  1. Discover the most charming villages of Mallorca. It is essential to visit the villages of Formentor and Alcúdia, walk around Valldemossa, take the Sóller train and visit Petra.

Shopping, going out at night, relaxing on the beach and practicing outdoor sports: The options of fun in Mallorca are unlimited

  1. Go Shopping to Palma or Manacor. It is a must see the old town of Palma and Manacor where you will find the best crafts to give away or stay as a souvenir of your trip.
  1. Relax in a Spa. Disconnecting in one of the island’s spa centers is an option to rest from the routine. In Mallorca you will find a wide offer in wellness and beauty. From the classic massages to the most exclusive and exotic treatments.
  1. ¡Fiesta! Palma de Mallorca, Puerto Andratx or Cala Ratjada offer a vibrant nightlife. Enjoy restaurants, nightclubs and pubs. They are open until dawn to go out in the evening to dine and dance afterwards.
  1. Playing Golf in Mallorca is a real pleasure for professional golfers golf fans in general. The beautiful Spanish island has excellent golf courses that are technically very demanding. Among the best known, we highlight the Arabella Golf Son Vida, Sera de Pula, Puntiró, Alcanada Golf and Son Gual.

More LEISURE activities in Mallorca: Sports events, Aquatic Park, Zoo

In addition to this TOP 10 there are many leisure options, such as visiting the Palma Aquarium, the Zoo, cruising, spending a day at the water park, tennis tournaments, football and basketball games, etc.
Enjoy your Majorca holiday!
You have more ideas about things to do in Mallorca to have fun? Share them with us in the comments. If you like Mallorca, share this news in your social networks.

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Top 7 Beaches Mallorca

Strände Mallorca

Beaches Mallorca – Sun, white sand and crystal clear water in Mallorca

Beaches Mallorca – The main attraction of Mallorca are the wonderful beaches Mallorca. If you are planning to travel to the island and see the beaches, we recommend you to rent a villa with private pool, It gives you much more freedom than staying in a hotel; you can enjoy an entire home with family and friends, organize better without any Timetables , planning barbecues, cooking, etc.

Among the most beautiful beaches on the island we include:

  • Cala Millor with more than 1km in length, is open to the sea and it is one of the most popular white sand beaches with its clear and clean waters. Cala Millor is 3km from Son Servera. Along the boulevard of Cala Millor you can go for some shopping after a beautiful day at the beach in one of the plenty shops or you relax in one of the beautiful cafes and restaurants with wonderful sea views.
  • Costa de los Pinos is a very exclusive residential area in the East of Mallorca, famous for its beaches and sandy bay surounded by Pine woods and hills. There is a beach bar, where you can enjoy fresh drinks and have some lunch.
  • Cala d’Or is one of the first coastal residential areas of Mallorca with a variety of bays, which are open to the sea. The beach of Cala d’Or is a white sand beach with rocks.
  • In Cala Ratjada you should visit the beach of Son Moll, a beach of white and very fine sand. Also noteworthy are the beaches of Cala Agulla, Cala Mesquida, the beautiful beach in Canyamel or Font de Sa Cala.
  • The coastline of Pollensa is immense, with spectacular cliffs, headlands, islands, the closed bay of Pollença with white sandy beaches.
    Enjoy the beach of Llenaire or Puerto Pollensa with around 1.000m Length, which also is ideal for take a nice walk to the harbour. The white sand and pebbles beach of Can Cullerassa is around 500m. Other bays are Cala Formentor Pollensa, Cala Figuera, Cala Clara, Cala Murta, Cala Sant Vicens.
  • Porto Cristo is a beautiful seaside village about 12 km from Manacor, the second largest city of Mallorca. The beach is not one of the biggest with its 300m length, but its a wonderful and protected bay with white sand and cristal clear waters. In Porto Cristo you can visit also the famous caves “Cuevas del Drach” with its underground lake.
  • Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the island and offers all amenities of a big city, like restaurants, with typical mallorcan but also international foods, shops etc.

The sandy Mallorca beaches of Cala Estancia, Playa de Palma, Ciudad Jardín, Ca’n Pere Antoni and Cala Major are easily accessible and are equipped with multiple services. On the beaches of Palma you can practice various water activities such as swimming, diving, boating etc.

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Mallorca as Tourist Destination – Why choose Mallorca?

Mallorca is a wonderful Mediterranean island and there are many reasons to recommend it, especially for the beauty of its wonderful coastal Mediterranean landscapes. There are about 13 million visitors a year, which come to explorer the beautiful island. The Balearic Islands lead the ranking of searches for Spanish communities, tourists from Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Denmark. Therefore, this makes it one of the most important Spanish tourist destinations. Undoubtedly, it is a paradise to enjoy.

Mallorca as tourist destination

The balearic islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera are the world leading island in beach and sun tourism. The white sand beaches have turned the island in one of the most known  and appreciated tourist destinations in the world.

Why choose Mallorca?

The sun, the white sand and the cristal clear waters at the beaches. The beaches are obviously the big attraction of Mallorca. If you visit the island, it’s like a dream come true. Especially the beach of Formentor en Pollensa, is one of the most charming places in europe, with its magnificent views  from the viewpoint of Cap de Formentor.

RENT A QUIET HOUSE with pool and garden, it’s a great proposal to enjoy the island with familly and friends, Close to the beaches Costa de los Pinos, Cala Millor or Porto Cristo. All of these are coastal locations with beautiful beach promenades to stroll and relax, having a drink or eating dinner in one of the restaurants.

Typical Gastronomy of Mallorca

You can enjoy desserts, like the typical ensaimada with different fillings.  How about the famous “sobrasada”, which is a raw cured sausage, made from selected pork meat, seasoned with salt, paprika and black pepper.  Also typical mallorquin but not everybody’s taste is the “frit mallorquí”. Also you should try the “Coca de verduras” which is a kind of vegetarian Pizza.

Culture and a Entertainment on Mallorca

Palma offers all the benefits of a multicultural city and an excellent location facing the sea. But not only he cosmopolitan capital of Mallorca has a lot to offer. At the east coast you have Manacor which is the 2. biggest city on the island with its international entertainment offers. Around the whole island you can find, especially in summer a lot of festivals, markets and celebrations.

Important historical buildings on Mallorca

The island is rich in cultural and architectural heritage. Visit the Cathedral of Palma, Bellver Castle, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Almudaina Palace and the Arab baths.

Golf courses on Mallorca

It’s a excellent destination for golf lovers. There are numerous golf courses of high quality across the island, with an normally enviable clima and a great flight connection, especially with Germany and England. Notably is for example the golf course in Son Servera ‘Pula Golf’, which is technically very demanding.

Discover the big variety of natural landscape


The Serra de Tramuntana is a World Heritage with a huge variety of beautiful landscape. Hike or bike around the island and enjoy all the charm of the mallorquin landscape. We recommend a visit at the Natural Park of Mondragó, at the southeast coast of the island or how about a visit at the Natural Park of La Albufera?


Plan a trip to one of the caves here on Mallorca. Discover the inside of the caves. The best known caves are the “Cuevas del Drach”, “del Hams” and the ones in Artá. At the end of the promenade in Porto Cristo you can find the “Cuevas Blancas”, old houses of the fishermen.