We inform you that from 21.06.2020 all tourists and therefore our guests with bookings from 21.06.2020, the EU countries as well as the Schengen states and Great Britain can enter ! As agreed in the contract, we ask you to make your final payment on time!

From the RESERVATUM team we hope you and your whole family are in good health.

 We remind you that RESERVATUM is an intermediary between home owners and clients and that at this time, we have binding contracts with both parties, which we must fulfill and that it is important for us to find the best possible solution for all involved (for you as a client and for home owners). To achieve this, we are working at full speed and try to respond to all our clients through our email as quickly as possible.

Currently, the company policy is NO REFUND and we are offering advice on CHANGE OF BOOKING DATES / ISSUING VOUCHERS at no additional charge and all our employees have been working since March and our customer service is also supported by employees from other departments. However, due to the high workload, longer processing times can currently occur.

1. When is it understood that a client cannot travel?

It is understood that a client cannot make his trip, if on the dates of the booking, either in origin (Country, city, region) or in Mallorca, there are travel restrictions that prevent movement.

2. What happens if I cannot travel?

RESERVATUM offers you a change of dates of your booking without extra charge for stays in 2020 and 2021.

3. How does the booking change work?

If you already know the new travel dates, we will contact the owner and if the house is available for the new dates, we will change your booking and send you the documentation of your change of dates for your booking. The client will pay any price difference for the new selected travel dates, if there would be any.

4. What if I can’t decide the dates of my new trip now?

RESERVATUM will issue you an EXCHANGEABLE VOUCHER of 100% of the paid amount, so that you can use it for stays in 2020 and 2021. The BONUS is issued to the person who made the booking. New travel dates will be subject to the availability of the house you booked, so we recommend that you choose your new travel dates as soon as possible.

The BONUS will be issued the day after the arrival day of your original booking and never before.

5. Can I use my BONUS or CHANGE booking DATES to another house?

The VOUCHER / CHANGE OF DATES is for the same house that was originally booked. (exceptionally to use your voucher for another house, contact 

6. What if I don’t know if I can make my trip?

As it is currently not possible to say what will happen upon arrival, it is difficult to make an exact assessment. The situation is very dynamic and changes daily, for us too. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold in the coming weeks. For this, we are in constant connection with the Official Organizations of our country and the home owners. If you still want to cancel your booking, at the present time, our general cancellation conditions apply ( read section referring to CANCELLATIONS of the Conditions Contract Reservatum).

7. I have to make the 2nd payment of my booking. Do I still have to make it?

We understand that the situation is of complete uncertainty and at this time there is no confirmation that the house that you have booked may not be available for your travel period, that is why we are asking all clients to contact us 1 WEEK BEFORE their arrival to confirm ,if you can make your trip or not. If you can travel on the scheduled date, then you must make your 2nd payment in accordance with RESERVATUM.

If finally you cannot travel on your scheduled date, then you do not have to make your 2nd payment and RESERVATUM will give you the option to CHANGE your booking DATES or you will be issued an EXCHANGEABLE VOUCHER so that you can use it whenever you want (read point 2, 3 and 4).

We sincerely hope that you can travel according to your scheduled travel date.

8. If I change the dates of my booking, when should I make my 2nd payment?

 If you choose new travel dates (see point 3), the 2nd payment must be made according to the conditions of the contract (which are still in force), that is, 5 weeks before the arrival date (of your new booking). 

9. What cancellation options are there?

If a client wants to cancel their booking, in any case, the general cancellation conditions that were contracted when booking (Conditions Contract Reservatum) will apply.

10. Will RESERVATUM cancel my booking at any time?

RESERVATUM will not cancel the booking for any client due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The bookings, affected by the COVID-19 restrictions, will be subject to change of dates or issue of voucher according to the previous points.

11. What happens if the client who has booked suffers from COVID-19?

If the client who made the booking suffers from COVID-19 before arriving at the house and this prevents him from making his trip, RESERVATUM cannot be held responsible under any circumstances. The client must notify RESERVATUM of this situation and the cancellation conditions established in the contract will be applied.

If you have taken out travel cancellation insurance, this may be in effect, then you should contact your insurance company for more information.

12. What happens if a group participant suffers from COVID-19?

If a group participant suffers from COVID-19 before arriving at the house and this prevents them from making their trip, RESERVATUM will understand that the other group participants can enjoy the stay in the booked house for the contracted dates.

13. What happens if one or more travel participants belong to a group of risk and travel is allowed?

In this case a free cancellation or change of booking is not possible. It is the person or persons belonging to the group of risk, who must make the decision of whether they finally want to travel or not.

14. What impact will the pandemic have on Mallorca?

Neither you, nor the owner of the holiday, nor RESERVATUM are responsible for the pandemic. The effects are visible around the world, so it’s understandable that under these circumstances you can only start your booked trip at a later date. Mallorca is also seriously affected by the pandemic, since most of the island lives on tourism. However, the island is ready for guests as soon as possible to travel again. Concepts and protocols are currently being developed on how tourism can be managed more efficiently and safely in the future. The risk of infection in holiday homes is significantly lower due to the absence of other vacationing guests and staff.

15. What happens to my Voucher if RESERVATUM files for bankruptcy?

At this time, it cannot be assumed that RESERVATUM will declare bankruptcy.

Our company has been working with Holiday Rentals in Mallorca for more than 20 years and we work with clients from all over the world and we are a RELIABLE, SERIOUS and SOLVENT COMPANY.

From RESERVATUM we would like to thank you in advance for your understanding.