How to choose the best holiday house for rent in Mallorca for your holidays?

How to choose the best holiday house for rent in Mallorca for your holidays?

Among so many offers, choosing the ideal holiday house to rent in Mallorca for your needs and the objective of your vacation can be overwhelming. In this article, we give you some tips.

Thinking of taking a trip to Mallorca? With so many options available, we know how difficult it can be to choose a vacation home. For this reason, we have prepared a list of the factors to take into account and our recommendations of the best holiday rental in Mallorca for each type of client.

Searching for a holiday house in Mallorca will stop being an odyssey thanks to our practical guide!

There are two key aspects when choosing a holiday rental in Mallorca. They are as follows:

  1. Know your needs. The first one is to take into account the most important requirements of the trip. How many people travel? Is it a family or couple vacation? Does the available space of the holiday house to rent in Mallorca suit your requirements?
  2. The purpose of the trip. Beach or mountain? Go sightseeing in the towns in the area or practice sports such as hiking? It is important to take into account the wishes and objectives of the trip to choose the best option.

Keeping these objectives in mind, we have prepared a complete list of the best houses for rent in Mallorca for each type of client and vacation plan, so that they only have to worry about adjusting the date to book their vacations.

Holiday House for rent near the beach

Choosing a holiday house in Mallorca close to the beach can be a great option for those looking to spend a few days relaxing on a charming beach and enjoy wonderful views of the sea. The perfect plan for both couples and families with children!

Because the island of Mallorca has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, it can make your choice difficult. Therefore, we propose different options for all tastes.

Natural beach of Port Nou

Its incredible sea views make it the perfect holiday house for a romantic getaway with your partner in Mallorca!

Port Nou beach is located in Son Servera, specifically, in a very quiet and cozy residential area. Of course, without giving up the comforts that the city offers, such as the proximity to shops and restaurants such as Port Verd, famous both for its Mediterranean cuisine and for the spectacular views it offers in front of the sea.

If you want to enjoy a vacation with your loved ones near one of the quietest beaches on the island, we recommend our Holiday House at the beach of Port Nou. The reason? It is located on the beachfront, which makes it the perfect option to enjoy incredible views of the sea. And not only that, since it is also less than 1 kilometer from the Costa de los Pinos, known for the softness of its white sand.

Its incredible sea views make it the perfect holiday rental for a romantic getaway with your partner in Mallorca!

Cala Millor

Located in the east of Majorca, Cala Millor is one of the most famous beaches in Mallorca for its crystal clear waters and its fine white sand spread over its more than two kilometers long area. Such is its beauty that it has been awarded the distinguished Blue Flag for the past seven years.

But sun and beach is not the only thing that Cala Millor offers. Here you can practice all kinds of sports thanks to the clubs and sports centers available: golf, diving, windsurfing, sailing, horseback riding … the options are endless. In addition, just over 1 kilometer away is the town of Son Servera, with shops and restaurants available to enjoy with the family.

For all these reasons, we consider that Cala Millor is perfect for families with children who want to enjoy the many options that the area offers. That is why we recommend this to rent this holiday house in Cala Millor: a holiday rental in Mallorca that has a well-kept and extensive garden, with a swing area that makes it the best option to enjoy with your children.

Rent a holiday house in the middle of nature

Having the opportunity to do activities and other sports outdoors in the company of loved ones is a luxury that the island of Mallorca also offers. We show you, below, the most emblematic places of the island.

Mountainous landscapes of Son Carrió

Lovers of fresh air and sports activities will find their destination in Son Carrió, a picturesque town renowned for its mountainous landscapes dominated by almond trees, perfect for hiking trails, both on foot and by bike, and enjoying nature. With a population of just over 1,100 inhabitants, it is an area of assured tranquility in an environment surrounded by nature.

As for activities, we definitely recommend taking the Vía Verde route and discovering some of the famous underground caves in Mallorca. Two perfect plans for those who enjoy sports and outdoor tourism.

Whether for families, couples or groups of friends looking for that extra dose of adventure, our exclusive Holiday House in Son Carrió will be the perfect rental home in Mallorca for them.

Serra de Tramontana

Located in the northwestern part of Mallorca, it is the most important mountain range in the Balearic Islands and one of the most visited tourist places. Even more so since Unesco declared the entire cultural landscape of the Sierra de Tramontana a World Heritage Site in 2011. And not only that, since the sierra offers its visitors different hiking routes and other activities adapted to all types of audiences.

For those who seek to enjoy clean air surrounded by the nature of the Serra de Tramontana, we recommend this holiday rental near Alaró, perfect for lovers of nature and the rural world, since very close is the town of Alaró, famous for its traditional castle.

How to choose the best holiday house for rent in Mallorca for your holidays?

Close to the city and other towns in Mallorca

Mallorca is much more than beach and mountains. It also offers a multitude of charming towns and places to discover, either alone or in good company.

Staying near tourist areas has multiple advantages: making the most of your time avoiding unnecessary trips, proximity to all kinds of establishments, the opportunity to enjoy a wide gastronomic offer and to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the chosen place.

We offer below some of the best places in Mallorca that every visitor should discover.


Located in the northeast of the island, Manacor is the second largest city on the island of Mallorca. This tourist town offers a multitude of options to its visitors, who will be able to visit more emblematic places such as the Torre de Ses Puntes or the church Nostra Senyora dels Dolors. In addition, it also offers other cultural activities, such as the possibility of visiting the History Museum.

And not only that, since Manacor has another strong point: its proximity to the island’s natural reserve and the famous Drach Caves, the largest underground lake in the world and a true jewel of nature that must be visited, less, once in a lifetime.

For those who are convinced that staying close to the city is the best option in terms of holiday rental properties in Mallorca, we have the perfect home. Our Holiday House near Manacor brings together the pure air and the tranquility of a natural environment without sacrificing luxury and proximity!


We move to the interior for those who seek to enjoy the nature and culture of the island. And it is that Petra, a historical city famous for being the cradle of Fray Junípero Serra, is a good option for those who seek to escape from the typical tourist places to enter the heart of the true cultural heritage of the island. Its visitors will be able to walk through its cobbled streets and visit such representative places as the church of Sant Pere or the Puig de Bonany sanctuary.

And to surround yourself with the culture of rural tourism, nothing better than staying in this spacious holiday house near Petra, located in a quiet area just 3 kilometers from the town. Without a doubt, one of the best holiday rentals in Mallorca for rural tourism.

Son Servera

In the east of Mallorca is Son Servera, one of the most beautiful towns in eastern Majorca. It is a town with a quiet atmosphere, perfect for discovering new places without enduring the crowds and tourist bustle.

Visitors can walk the promenade or enjoy a cocktail on one of the many terraces overlooking the sea. And this is not all, since Son Servera offers many maritime activities, as well as the possibility of playing golf in S’Era de Pula, located less than 2 kilometers away.

If Petra was one of the ideal places to enjoy the tranquility, Son Servera offers the ideal environment for young couples and groups of friends looking to enjoy the nightlife and atmosphere of the city.

And there, between the beautiful Mallorcan towns of Son Servera and Capdepera, you will find this fantastic Holiday House near Son Servera. The tranquility of the environment and proximity to both towns, make it a great option for couples and families who enjoy discovering new places in relaxed and stress-free environments.

Puerto Andratx

Our next recommended stop is in the famous Puerto Andratx, which every year attracts tourists and celebrities from all over the world. Located about 5 kilometers from Andratx, what began as a small fishing village, has become one of the most outstanding tourist attractions on the island.

Puerto Andratx has a great gastronomic offer, both in restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as impressive views of the sea and the mountains, especially from the farm that we offer for vacation rental.

We are talking about our incredible holiday rental in Puerto Andratx, which offers one of the best views of the port thanks to its privileged location without sacrificing luxury. Enjoy with your loved ones all the comforts and exclusive views that our luxury estate in Mallorca provides you!

For those who want everything when renting a Holiday Villa

And what about those who do not want to give up anything? Luckily, on the island of Mallorca there is room for all types of travelers, including the undecided and those who want to experience it all.

Close to Cala d’Or and the mountains

Those who always hesitate when choosing the sea or the mountains are in luck. And it is that Cala d’Or is a popular Mallorcan beach located in the southeast of the island that is also close to nature.

Thanks to its privileged location, the area offers its visitors the opportunity to live a complete vacation experience: relaxing on one of the best beaches, going on nature excursions or enjoying the nightlife are just some of your options.

And to make everything even more perfect, nothing better than staying in this house near Cala D’Or, a holiday rental in Mallorca that combines the best of nature and the sea, as it is located in a mountainous environment and at the time close to the beach. A great alternative for those who want to enjoy a vacation without giving up any of the many options that the island offers!

Close to the sea, nature and tourism

There are travelers who not only seek sea and mountains, but also proximity to tourism. For them we recommend staying between Son Servera and the Costa de los Pinos. And we have the perfect option! Nothing less than this luxury estate in Mallorca, the best home for those who do not want to give up anything!

Once there, visitors can go sightseeing in Son Servera (just 3 kilometers from the house), enjoy a day at the beach on the wonderful Costa de los Pinos (just over 2 kilometers) and stroll through one of the best natural environments of the island. In addition, thanks to its exclusive saltwater pool and large garden, we can assure you that this is one of the best rental properties in Mallorca, as it brings together the best of luxury, elegance and nature in the same home.

Other important details when choosing the holiday house to rent in Mallorca

Review the photographs of the place

Although at Reservatum we have the best holiday rentals in Mallorca, we know that photos are very important to make a good first impression. In addition, they will help you to see the capacity and breadth of the place to check if the space suits your needs.

Review the comments of other customers

To verify that the photos are not deceiving and that the services offered by the house are really the best, it is important to look at the reviews left by previous guests. If they have been satisfied, chances are that you too have a great experience.

Have an agency with a good reputation, such as Reservatum

Having the backing of a good agency is vitally important to avoid scams and disappointments. At Reservatum we guarantee the best customer service so that our guests only worry about enjoying their vacations.

We hope that our guide has served as an orientation to help you find the perfect holiday home in Mallorca.

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