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Since your villa vacation is an individual trip, the general terms and conditions of your contract with RESERVATUM apply.

If due to Covid-19 there are movement restrictions that prevent you from making your trip, RESERVATUM will issue you a VOUCHER for the amount paid and you can use it for stays in 2022 for when the trip can be made.

If you have any questions, you can of course contact us at RESERVATUM will treat each case individually.

Frequent questions
Can I cancel my booking for free? 

As it is an individual trip, you are not legally entitled to a free cancellation but if there are movement restrictions due to COVID-19, RESERVATUM will issue you a VOUCHER that you can use when the restrictions disappear.

When is it understood that a client cannot make his trip?

It is understood that a client cannot make his trip, if on the dates of the booking, either in origin (Country, city, region) or in Mallorca, there are travel restrictions that prevent travel.

What is the VOUCHER and for whom? 

The travel voucher is issued for the amount of the payment already made and can be exchanged for a booking at the same property and is valid for stays in 2022. The special conditions only apply to the Vouchers that were issued due to the crisis of the COVID-19. 

How can I use my VOUCHER?

You can see the updated availability of your Holiday House on our website. If you have a new travel date in mind, you can contact us to check availability. You have to give us your VOUCHER reference number with the proccess of your new booking.

Can I use my BONUS or CHANGE booking DATES to another house?

The VOUCHER/CHANGE OF DATES is for the same house that was originally booked. (exceptionally to use your voucher for another house, contact

What will happen, if my booked Holiday House is not available anymore?

In the case a Holiday House is no longer available in our web, your voucher will be still valid. In this case you can select another holiday house from our program.

What cancellation options are there?

If a client wants to cancel their booking, in any case, the general cancellation conditions that were contracted when booking (Conditions Contract Reservatum) will apply.

What happens if the client who has booked suffers from COVID-19?

If the client who made the booking suffers from COVID-19 before arriving at the house and this prevents him from making his trip, RESERVATUM cannot be held responsible under any circumstances. The client must notify RESERVATUM of this situation and the cancellation conditions established in the contract will be applied.

If you have taken out travel cancellation insurance, this may be in effect, then you should contact your insurance company for more information.

What happens if a group participant suffers from COVID-19?

If a group participant suffers from COVID-19 before arriving at the house and this prevents them from making their trip, RESERVATUM will understand that the other group participants can enjoy the stay in the booked house for the contracted dates.

What happens if one or more travel participants belong to a group of risk and travel is allowed?

In this case a free cancellation or change of booking is not possible. It is the person or persons belonging to the group of risk, who must make the decision of whether they finally want to travel or not.


As the restrictions of each country change from one day to the next very quickly, we recommend that you inform yourself only in the official channels about the restrictive measures applied at all times! For any questions or doubts you have, you can contact us, the RESERVATUM staff will be happy to help you.

From RESERVATUM we would like to thank you in advance for your understanding.

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