Rent a cottage in Mallorca, more and more in demand!

Rent rural country house in Mallorca; advantages of agrotourism

Despite having a long history and tradition on the island, Mallorcan agritourism is in fashion and is increasingly in demand by national and international tourists, who opt for holiday rental cottages in Mallorca.

More and more people are looking to enjoy their holidays surrounded by nature. As a consequence, the demand for country and rural houses in Mallorca has skyrocketed in recent years, becoming even more pronounced as a result of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. However, this phenomenon is not a new thing, in the Balearic Islands this trend is here to stay many years ago.

Did you know that when you are enjoying nature on your holidays, you are practicing agrotourism (rural tourism)? If you didn’t know, don’t worry, because you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will tell you what agrotourism is and how it has evolved in Mallorca. We will also give you some advice to choose the best country house among the wide range of rural houses that you will find in Mallorca.

Agrotourism and cottages in Mallorca

When we talk about agrotourism we refer to that type of tourism that is focused on discovering the rural and natural environments of a place, in a responsible and sustainable way. Therefore, agrotourism refers to all kinds of natural environments: countryside, forest, mountain, beach, etc.

It should also be noted that there is no single way of doing agritourism, but rather a wide variety of ways of enjoying nature are grouped under this style of tourism. In fact, on the island you can find agrotourism plans that range from quiet afternoons in rural houses in the interior of Mallorca to extensive outdoor programs, which include visits to farms or adventure activities, such as mountain bike routes. , speleology, etc.

However, when we think of agrotourism, the most common thing is that a quiet afternoon on a farm comes to mind. This association of ideas is related to the origins of agrotourism, which, as we will tell you below, is strongly related to rural and country houses in Mallorca.

History of agrotourism in Mallorca

On the island, agrotourism emerged around the 1980s, faced with the need of country houses in Mallorca to find other activities that could be combined with agricultural and livestock exploitation to make the properties viable. Hence, agrotourism is often equated with rural tourism, one that specifically includes agricultural and livestock activities.

It was in 1989, when a group of twelve farmers, influenced by the trends that were developing in the rest of Europe, promoted the creation of a rural tourism offer that was articulated around the cottages of the small towns of the interior in Mallorca. The bet was risky because at that time the prevailing tourist model on the Island was that of sun and beach.

However, the initiative was well received by the Government of the Balearic Islands, aware of the need to diversify its tourism model. Therefore, in 1991, the first legislation in the archipelago was drawn up that regulated the creation of this new tourist product, rural tourism, which should coexist and complement the existing tourist offer, as well as help in the development of the rural areas.

Evolution of Mallorcan rural tourism

At present, agrotourism has little weight within the tourist offer of the Balearic Islands. Even so, it is a sufficiently developed sector to revitalize the central and northern regions of the Islands. It is important to point out that the low weight of this type of tourism is more related to the low number of authorizations granted to accommodation, by the Balearic Government, during the last twenty years, than to a lack of demand from travellers.

However, the offer of cottages and country houses in Mallorca is the widest in the Balearic archipelago. This is so because on the island we have a vast expanse of rural land far from the coast and a wide range of properties that can be converted into agritourism accommodation. That is why Mallorca is one of the islands where the strong increase in demand for country houses has been most felt.

Advantages of renting rural cottages in Mallorca

If you still don’t know if staying in a rural environment is what you are looking for, for your holiday, continue reading. Below we explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of renting a country house for your holidays in Mallorca:

  • The main advantage of a cottage in Mallorca is that the island allows you to enjoy the mountain or inland regions without having to give up the pleasures that the coast offers. This is so, because the island is not very large and, therefore, in a very short time you can move from any of the country houses to one of its magnificent beaches.
  • When you stay in a cottage in Mallorca you are helping the economy of rural areas, thus preventing the towns that are located in those regions from being abandoned. Agrotourism generates employment and is a source of work.
  • You will discover an authentic Mallorca. When you practice rural tourism, you come into contact with the most deeply rooted customs on the island, as well as with its gastronomy and natural wealth.
  • The treatment that the owners of the rural houses normally offer is usually closer than in the big hotels or in the apartments in Mallorca, on the coast, where large volumes of tourists pass through.
  • In Mallorca you can find collective accommodation, such as rural hotels, or cottages that will allow you to live the experience independently, without other travelers around you. Renting entire homes is ideal if what you are looking for is to disconnect from everything and get away from the noise that prevails in big cities.
  • On many occasions, cottages in Mallorca have cheaper prices than those located on the coast, especially in high season. Therefore, it is easy to find some accommodation that suits your budget among the offer of agrotourism.
  • Staying in country houses in Mallorca is a very attractive plan when traveling to Mallorca with children, as it allows them to be in direct contact with nature and animals.
  • By doing agrotourism, you support the restoration and refurbishment of many old country houses in Mallorca, thus helping to preserve part of our historical heritage.

Rent rural country house in Mallorca; advantages of agrotourism

How to choose the ideal rental country house in Mallorca

In this article on our blog we give you 7 tips for choosing the perfect holiday home. However, when choosing between the offer of rural country houses that you will find in Mallorca, it is important that you also take into account the following aspects:

What are you looking for in a cottage?

It seems obvious, but being clear about what type of holiday you are looking for and what is most important to you is the key to choosing between the different cottage in Mallorca. In this sense, we advise you to make a quick list of what things are essential for you. We give you some examples:

  • Look for a small austere house with antique decoration or a country house but one that is full of modern features (extensive equipment of electrical appliances, jacuzzi, air conditioning, etc.). Is decoration important to you?
  • Another important detail is the internet connection. Do you want to completely disconnect from the world by forcing yourself away from technology, or do you want to find a place with a good Wi-Fi connection?
  • Looking to practice sports, what kind? Fishing, climbing, etc.
  • Are you willing to spend money to rent one of the luxury country houses in Mallorca or are you looking for accommodation in the countryside to save on your holidays?
  • It is also important to be clear about whether what you are looking for is a cottage in Mallorca where you can enjoy the tranquility that nature provides or if, on the contrary, you would like to spend your holidays in a country house where you can learn about livestock processes and agricultural.

In short, before you start looking, think about what you want in terms of price, basic services and activities, as well as if you have any preferences in location. From there, you can go on to investigate other aspects such as the ones we tell you below.

Choose refurbished country houses in Mallorca

In Mallorca, a large part of the old rural country houses have been rehabilitated and reconditioned. Even so, it is important that, when choosing one, it is informed of when the last reform was carried out in the house.

Many travelers put their trust in cottages to be modern and clean places and it could be that this is not the case. To avoid this type of situation, try to do some research on the history of the accommodation. Also, remember to check the most recent comments from other guests, as this is the best way to ensure that when you arrive at your accommodation you will find the property you are seeing in the photos.

Another option is to ask the owner directly when the rooms or the house as a whole were renovated. If the reform was carried out in the last four years, in general, you will find facilities in good condition and a careful decoration. If, on the other hand, it’s been more than six years since homeowners have made any improvements to the home, you’re probably in a place where things are already starting to look dated.

Inquire about the location of the cottages in Mallorca

In addition to the description of the location that you find in the accommodation file, we advise you to investigate the location. Even if your plan is to get lost in nature, it is always recommended that you look for some information about the small towns that you will find near the different villas in Mallorca.

It is also important that, if you plan to do any type of adventure activity or sport during your holiday, choose an accommodation that is located close to the area where you can practice it. This way you will spend less time commuting and save on fuel.

Offer of country houses for rent in Mallorca

In the Reservatum search engine you will find a wide selection of rural and country houses in Mallorca that collaborate with us. As you can see, most of the accommodations are located in Son Servera, in the northeast of Mallorca, one of the best regions to enjoy rural tourism on the island.

Now that you know everything you need about agrotourism, or rural tourism, as you prefer to call it, don’t think twice and come enjoy nature and tranquility. In Mallorca you will find a wide range of cottages that will allow you to enjoy both the rural environment and the Mediterranean Sea. So don’t think twice, at Reservatum we are waiting for you!

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