The Conditions of the RESERVATUM contract with legal address at Avenida Joan Servera Camps, nº34 with C.P.07560 of Cala Millor, belonging to the Municipal District of Son Servera, in the Balearic Islands.

With the confirmation of the booking RESERVATUM offers the client a definitive contract.

The booking can only be made online on our website RESERVATUM will confirm the definitive booking by email and always in writing.

We understand that at the time of Confirming your Booking with us, you have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of the RESERVATUM Contract.

Both parties mutually recognize the ability to contract and be bound and especially to enter into this contract.


After closing the contract and after receiving the confirmation from the client, the client will have to pay 30% of the total amount as a down payment and as a deposit.

The terms of the first payment of 30% are:

a) If you pay by bank transfer:

- If the booking is directly, the deadline is 1 day.
- If the booking is a 24 hours booking, the deadline is 3 days.

b) If you pay by Credit Card:

- If the booking is directly, the deadline is 2 hours.
- If the booking is for a  24 hours booking, the deadline is 3 days.

For payments by bank transfer, you must send a copy of the transfer receipt to our email, within the terms mentioned above.

The remaining amount of 70% will have to be paid at least 5 weeks before the day of the client's arrival for both transfer payments and credit card payments and both for Direct- and 24-hour Bookings.

In case between concluding the contract and the arrival day of the clients remain less than 5 weeks, the total amount must be paid within the periods indicated above, whether it is paid by credit card or bank transfer.

If the deposit or the rest of the total payment has not be made in time, the client forfeits all rights and claims for services of RESERVATUM.

The booking will be effective from its realization and the client must send by email the proof of the payment order by bank transfer.

For citizens who do not belong to the E.U., RESERVATUM recommends paying by credit card to avoid high bank charges. The fees of the bank commissions are always charged to the client and never at the expense of RESERVATUM.

The House

The rented house can be used only for the maximum number of persons mentioned in your booking confirmation. In the opposite case, Reservatum has the right to cancel the contract immediately.

The Arrival and departure time for the clients in the houses will be:

Entry earliest at 16:00 h

Departure latest at 10:00 h

In no case may they be modified, without prior consultation with RESERVATUM.

You must report any delay to RESERVATUM, especially if a personal handover of the keys has been agreed.

OBLIGATION of the client towards RESERVATUM and the house owner

Visits from third parties that have not been specified as tenants in the reservation and that exceed a period of 12 hours, especially if they stay overnight, must be announced and requested in advance to RESERVATUM. If this does not happen, these visits are considered as additional occupation of the house and Reservatum has the right to cancel the contract immediately.

The operating instructions and other information on the use of the property and its facilities, which you find in written form or which getting  communicated to you at the house, must be followed exactly. In particular, it is prohibited to intervene in the technical installations of the house, in the electrical installation, the water or sewage supply, in individual devices, heating systems, swimming pool circulation systems or blocking devices without the express consent of RESERVATUM or from the owner. You, as a client, are responsible for the damages caused by the corresponding violation.

As a client you have the obligation to leave the house clean and tidy before departure. A final cleaning that may be included in the price, does not include cleaning the dishwasher or cleaning the kitchen, oven, refrigerator and kitchen appliances; these must be left clean. Trash must be properly disposed of on a regular basis according to the instructions of each house, especially before departure. If additional cleaning is required due to coarse dirt, RESERVATUM may charge you an additional cleaning service. Impurities or damage to furniture that cannot be removed by conventional means will be charged to the client separately.


Only information (not-binding): It does not entail the hiring, nor does it link for a future booking.

24 hrs Booking (binding): It involves the hiring and booking of accommodation in a binding way for the client, subject to confirmation by RESERVATUM within 24 hours. If after that period there has been no confirmation or denial of the booking, the booking and link will be maintained by the client.
If after the acceptance of the booking the payment is not formalized, the booking will be released and the general cancellation conditions will apply.

Direct Booking (binding): It implies the immediate hiring and booking of the accommodation in a binding way for the client.
If after the booking the payment is not formalized, the booking will be released and the general cancellation conditions will apply.


To bring pets it is possible only in the houses in which description it’s allowed or with previous consultation and only when the pet is confirmed in the booking. The pets must have their vaccination record, have an insurance and a leash.


The terms and conditions only include the conditions set out in the descriptions of RESERVATUM, which can be found on the website

The descriptions and website prices become effective, when RESERVATUM confirms them with the booking.


The Google links on our website are approximate and do not show the exact location of the houses, for safety reasons. On request you will receive the exact address after the 100% Payment of your booking.


The descriptions and written information on our website have been made by RESERVATUM staff members who have personally visited the house and they are made in good faith.

It is possible that there could be some changes in the facilities, done by the house owner without our knowledge.

In this case we will endeavor to inform you of these changes once we know about it but RESERVATUM cannot be held responsible for any of the inaccuracies of which are beyond our control.

The supplies of: water, electricity, internet connection, ADSL, Wi-Fi, mobile phone coverage, TV signals, etc. they are often not as reliable as we would like them to be. Interruptions of the supply can occur for various reasons such as rain, wind, network congestion and others.
We are not liable for these eventualities or other defects which are beyond our control.

The furniture and objects in the houses were chosen according to the individual taste of the house owner and appropriately to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The houses and the furniture comply with the Spanish standard and not the standard of your country of origin.


It is common that in the holiday homes, in the middle of the nature, can appear some  insects, ants, wasps, bees, bugs, etc. The rental properties are located in a natural environment like fields and gardens and these animals are typical of the environment. RESERVATUM  does not accept complaints for this matter.


RESERVATUM is not responsible for the allergic reactions of the clients in any of the holiday properties. Allergies are not a reason for complaint.


RESERVATUM is actively involved with the Environmental Protection and informs all its customers, that they have to follow the current regulations on the Environment of the Balearic Islands in General and shall take special care in compliance with respect to the ignition of Barbecues, Natural Parks, ANE, Coastal Laws, noise and nuisance etc. in particular.

In no case can RESERVATUM be held liable for non-compliance with environmental laws by clients and / or third parties.


If you have a complaint during your holidays, please communicate this immediately to RESERVATUM and we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.


RESERVATUM will not be responsible for a subsequent claim when you have not made any complaint during your stay and always before your departure. Complaints and claims must be formulated and sent, always reliably, to our e-mail address:


We inform the clients that no kind of celebrations are allowed in the properties! The maximum capacity must not be exceeded, as indicated in the descriptions of the villas.

TOURISTIC SERVICES that RESERVATUM provides directly to clients before, during and after their stay:
  1. Information and Customer service 24h / 365 days a year In our office on Avenida Joan Servera Camps, 34 with zip code 07560 in Cala Millor, on our office phone: +34 971 587 621 and on our mobile phone 24h for emergencies: +34 652 55 80 85 in addition to our
  2. Check-in and Check-out of the clients (presential, teléphone, whatsapp, online, etc..).
  3. In the Houses where it is specified: Laundry of sheets and towels, cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools and exteriors in general.
  4. Luggage custody
  5. Service for security safe box
  6. Incident Management during the stay 24/7 - 365 days
  7. Quality assessment and customer satisfaction in the houses after the customers leave
  8. Guarantee Charge management: before the arrival and after the departure of the clients
  9. Rental Reservations: Cars, transfers, boats, bikes, excursions, etc.

If you want to cancel your booking once it has been confirmed, we need a written notice of your cancelation by email.

- More than 90 days from arrival date: 30% of the Total price
- From 41 days up to 90 days until the arrival date : 60% of the Total price
- 40 days or less : 100% of the Total price

*If you cancel or change your booking an administration fee of 100,- € (+ local tax) will be charged in addition to above cancellation fees.

In the unlikely reason, we have to cancel your booking due to circumstances beyond our control, we will offer you an accommodation of a similar or higher standard, depending on availability.If the available alternatives are not acceptable for you, we will return 100% of your booking costs.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking under the following circumstances:

- If the client or one of the persons within the group or family consciously damage the house or the facilities of the house. In this case, the remaining rental price will not be refunded.

- If the deposit or full balance is not paid by the required date and no answer is received after sending a reminder with a fixed deadline.


This means that we will not pay you any compensation if we have to cancel or change your booking when the circumstances causing such cancellation are due to war, terrorism, riots, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood, adverse weather conditions or any other circumstance that may be considered Force Majeure.

Due to COVID-19, the Spanish Government has issued a new Decree Law that authorizes Spanish Companies to issue EXCHANGEABLE VOUCHERS to our clients with VALIDITY of 1 YEAR from the end of the state of alarm and for the services hired and who have not been able to enjoy due to the inability to travel of the clients.

Therefore, to CLIENTS who, due to the Pandemic, CANNOT TRAVEL on the dates they had planned, we have asked them to choose a new booking date for the same house they did book (the deadline for choosing dates is until end of 2021) and the who cannot choose a new booking date for any reason, a VOUCHER will be issued valid for stays in 2021 and 2022. RESERVATUM will not cancel their booking for any client due to the PANDEMIC and we inform our clients that all contracts are still in force, since RESERVATUM has contracts in force on the one hand with the owners of the houses and on the other hand with the clients.

CLIENTS who CAN TRAVEL on their ESTIMATED DATE must make their payments according to the contract. If a client wants to cancel their booking, the cancellation policy detailed above will be applied.


Exterior work or construction and resulting noise can occur at any time of the year on neighboring or nearby property and / or land.If these construction works are affecting your holidays, please communicate it to us immediately. This is obviously beyond our control, but we will do an effort to stop the work if it is possible.

If unfortunately we do not receive the previous communication about when these works will begin and as they are realized by third parties, where we do not have any control, we will do our biggest effort to limit the noise to minimize any inconvenience or disruption during your holidays. We will consider this a cause of “Force Majeure” and consequently we do not accept any responsibility and we  will not pay any compensation or indemnification.

The owners, maintenance staff or RESERVATUM reserve the right to visit the House to undertake the necessary repairs both inside and outside, maintenance, cleaning the pool and care of the garden and maintenance in general. Always, of course, trying to bother the clients as little as possible during the stay. RESERVATUM will not accept claims for any kind of noise (construction works, car traffic, airplanes,etc.).


The Guarantee Charge for possible damages is normally 300,00 €  although this amount may vary depending on the rented property and is always specified in the description of each property. The Guarantee Charge will be paid with the second payment. The Guarantee Charge will be returned by bank transfer or if you have paid by credit card, it will be paid back to your credit card, if everything is in order at the property, 5 days after your departure.

In the event of any damage in the house or on the property, you must immediately notify RESERVATUM, as well as, you must pay the necessary amount to RESERVATUM to correct or repair the caused damage.

RESERVATUM reserves the right to deduct from the Guarantee Charge the amount of possible damage caused to the property, always by reliable documents.

In order for you not to suffer any disadvantage with respect to the evidence on your fault or not fault or the amount of damage, in case of damage to the holiday House or its facilities, it is strongly recommended that if you discover damage to the property, on Arrival Day  and / or during your stay and always before your departure, inform RESERVATUM immediately, even if you and your fellow traveler did not cause such damage yourself and even if it does not bother you.


The environmental tax of the Balearic Islands, the "Ecotasa" must be paid by people over 16 years ( 2€ x day x person + VAT, from the 9th night it is 1€ + VAT). The payment of the Ecotax is specified in the confirmation of your booking.


Any object of value left in the property will be under the responsibility of the client. Neither Reservatum or the owner are responsible for their loss. It should not be left inside the houses valuables.

We do not accept liability for any loss or damages resulting from theft or any incident related for any reason for its happened. Please, take precautions!


All the actions inside the facilities during the stay in the house or property are under your responsibility and risk, no compensation can be demanded. The claims  must be arranged directly with RESERVATUM. For any type of legal activity that will exist or intervene, the jurisdiction place is Manacor.


We inform you that the CLIENTS File of RESERVATUM, where all the information is kept, obey  with all the control measures that guarantee the confidentiality and safety of the treatment of the information therefore we guarantee the most absolute safety of the information that the clients facilitate us. In accordance with the established in the Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Information of Personal Character, we inform you that all the information that it should facilitate to us will be included in the automated file named CONTACT, FORMULARY RENT- SALE of which  is responsible RESERVATUM, with domicile to administrative effects in Avenida Joan Servera Camps, 34 - 07560  Cala Millor (Balearic Islands).

On having facilitated his information to us, the client declares RESERVATUM that they are truthful, as his knowledge. The client, and in his case who represents it, will be able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation by e-mail directed to:  or by written and signed letter to RESERVATUM, Avenida Joan Servera Camps, 34 – 07560 Cala Millor (Balearic Islands). The above mentioned request will have to contain the following information: name and surnames of the client, domicile to notifications effects, photocopy of the identity card or passport, and causes of the request.

In the case of representation, it must be proved by means of attesting documents.

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