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mallorca year round

Whether sunbather or island discoverer. It is completely irrelevant in which season you visit the island because Mallorca year round worth a visit. Rent a car and head off to visit some of the most beautiful scenic spots, or to grab one-of-a-kind photo moments of the landscape and its native species that can be seen over here in Mallorca year round.
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Of course, I could now tell you about Bellver Castle, the dragon caves in Porto Cristo or the aquarium in Palma. But as a Mallorcan connoisseur and lover, you already know this for sure. Here are my personal tips to experience Mallorca year round:

Embassement de Cúber

You should make the circular walk around the Cúber reservoir in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains at least once. The reservoir “Embassement de Cúber” is one of two major and important water reserves for the island’s capital Palma and is located at 750 meters above sea level, in the middle of the Tramunta Mountains.

The short hike is suitable for everyone and after the first impression may offer a barren landscape, you will notice while hiking how impressive and diverse the landscape really is. From here, the island’s highest mountain, the Puig Mayor, impresses and next to it there are 2 more mountains that are over 1000 m high and can be climbed. But we stay comfortable on the circular walk around the reservoir. Do not forget your snacks, as a picnic is fun on the way with the great view or if you prefer, at the end of the hike. If you visit the reservoir in the summer months, you should leave early in the morning or in the afternoon, as there is little shade around the Cúber Reservoir.

Rastrillo de Consell

Visit one of the largest and most important flea markets in Mallorca. Flea markets are not really your thing? Let yourself be convinced by the diverse offers and admire antiques to the strangest sales objects.
Parking is easy in the large car park. The fee is 1 €, which I think is pretty ok. Chaos is thus avoided and there is no “wild” parking along the main road. Incidentally, it’s dangerous and is now reminded with traffic tickets or the cars are towed. The address for your navigation system is: Poligono Industrial, Consell. The flea market takes place every Sunday from 9am to 2pm.

Bodegues Binissalem D.O., Ribas etc.

The wine gods were certainly in good spirits when the soil of Binissalem was blessed with almost perfect conditions for the production of wine. Protected by the Serra de Tramuntana and Alfabia, the vineyards thrive thanks to hot and dry summers and short and mild winters. The area was named in 1990 as D.O. (in english QWPSR) awarded in 1990 and is a small but dynamic region for excellent winemaking. Also worth a visit is the oldest winery on the island (1711). You can visit the Bodegues Ribas on your own or book a wine tour. This is worthwhile and there are various tours, for every budget.
Even as a private group, some tours can be booked, for example for a birthday or anniversary celebration. Further information can be found in our article on the Mallorca Wine Express and directly on the website of the organizer:

Castell d’Alaró

The ascent to the castle of Alaró is not the easiest but the visit to the 817-meter-high castle is well worth. During the descent, reward yourself with a visit to the restaurant Es Verger, which offers Mallorcan cuisine and is known for its lamb specialties. But now back to the castle.
The castle complex consisted in the origin of a fortress wall with five towers. Today only the remains of the fortress wall, the entrance gate and one of the main towers are preserved. This served according to history, the Moors as a prison. There are several routes up. The coziest with about 4 km is the way from Orient. Did I mention that the restaurant offers a unique panoramic view of the mountains and the beautiful landscape? Here we go! – The hiking boots will definitely find a place in your suitcase.

Ermita de Betlem

Where we have already packed the hiking boots, I present you a more comfortable route. From Betlem you follow the signs “Ermita de Betlem” and after a short walk you will reach the “Cases de Betlem”, where you will see the signposts on the deserted stables, over the partly stepped ascent. Enjoy the views of nature and the high cliffs with stalactite caves. On your hike you will pass the spring “Font de s’Ermita”, where stone benches invite you for a picnic, the water is natural spring water and can be drunk.
From the source it is only a few minutes to the entrance gate of the hermitage de Betlem, where you can access from the entrance gate to the  bright and friendly church. Before returning to your holiday house for rent in Mallorca, make a stop at the Colonia de San Pedro and have some lunch in one of the cozy harbor restaurants.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences on vacation. Whether sporty or dignified. Great and unique memories can be created in Mallorca year round.
Now it’s time to pack the suitcase! What are you waiting for? Come and discover your personal highlight!

See you on the island!
Your Janine D.

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