Holiday rental on Mallorca: the model 179

Modelo 179 hacienda

If you are OWNER and you have a VACATION HOUSE IN MALLORCA, you should know that since January of 2019, all intermediary agencies or individuals that act as intermediaries that market a holiday home, are required to submit the MOD-179 to HACIENDA (Tax Office), as published in the BOE on 30th May 2018 and if they do not present it, they are exposed to FINES ranging from 20,00 € for minor infractions, to 600.000 € for more serious infractions.

That is why we have prepared this complete Guide with all the information you will need. To download it, fill in this document correctly.

Download the complete guide


    From RESERVATUM we advise you to leave the COMMERCIALIZATION in the hands of EXPERTS and to be managed by people or COMPANIES that are SPECIALIZED in the VACATION RENTAL, since if you do not expose yourself to future problems with the Tax Agency and/or with the other administrations, as they can be the Ministry of Tourism, if you haven’t the documentation of the house in order or the OCU if you have complaints from consumers.

    If you are an owner and you are looking for Professionals Specialized in Vacation Rental to manage your holiday house rental in Mallorca with the maximum guarantees, you can contact us through our website, you can also contact us through our e-mail or you can call us at our office phone 971 587 621.

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