The best time to visit Mallorca: the weather and other keys!

What is the best time and season to visit Mallorca? The keys!

When is the best time to travel to Mallorca? This is the most frequent question among those who plan to visit the island.

The quick answer would be that any time is a good time to visit Mallorca, since the island has a pleasant Mediterranean climate that allows it to be an excellent holiday destination throughout the year.

However, the answer is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, since each season has its pros and cons. Therefore, to decide which is the best time to visit Mallorca, it is necessary not only to take into account the weather, but also the preferences of each traveler and the type of trip that they wish to make.

Below we tell you everything you need to know about the best time to travel to Mallorca and we provide you with information not only about the weather, but also about the best type of activities that you can practice on the island in each season. Do not lose detail and decide what is the best time to visit Mallorca for you.

Weather and climate in Mallorca

The geographical location of Mallorca, 300 km south of continental Europe and 400 km north of the Sahara desert, means those important climatic contrasts originate on the island, produced by the European cold and the Saharan heat. In addition, the sea acts, as in other coastal regions, as a regulator of its climatological conditions, preventing temperatures from falling sharply, as happens in continental territories.

The result of this confluence means that Mallorca enjoys a temperate subtropical climate. In other words, its climate is moderately dry, with light and unusual rains.

In addition, it has a large number of daily hours of sunshine and more than 80% of the days of the year are sunny. So if one day it dawns raining, it is not surprising that a few hours later you can be enjoying yourself in the sun.

Average temperatures in Mallorca

The average annual temperature ranges between 16 and 18 degrees centigrade. Its maximum is normally reached in summer, being between 29 and 30 degrees Celsius. This fact is what makes many people think that the summer season is the best time to visit Mallorca.

On the other hand, the minimum temperatures only drop to 5 or 9 degrees Celsius, therefore, its winters are quite mild. These benevolent winters mean that many Europeans consider that the best time to travel to Mallorca is precisely the months of January and February, since it allows them to escape for a few days from the low temperatures that are experienced on the continent.

In short, on the island you can enjoy life outdoors almost all year round and there is no time when visiting Mallorca is not recommended. Moreover, given the mild temperatures, most of the year it is pleasant to bathe in the sea.

However, it is important to point out that the island has a great internal climatic variety due to the presence of the Sierra de Tramuntana. Therefore, it is not the same to talk about the weather in the south than in the north of Mallorca. In fact, it is quite normal to find days when the sun shines brightly on the beach, while it is raining in the mountains.

The Winter in Mallorca

The Mallorcan winter is mild. It starts approximately December 22 and lasts until March 21. The average temperature during these months ranges between 11 and 17ºC and rarely drops below 5 degrees Celsius. Frosts only occur in the mountainous areas of the island.

Between December and March the rains are frequent. However, they usually occur in the northwest of the island, basically bathing the Sierra de Tramuntana. Therefore, even in winter, the rains in the coastal areas are not usual.

Mallorcan spring

Spring begins on March 21 and ends on June 21. During those months the chances of rain are quite low and the temperature, both of the environment and of the sea, begins to rise, being pleasant most of the days.

The summer on Mallorca

Summer officially begins on June 21 and ends officially September 22. However, the singularity of the Mallorcan climate could lead us to affirm that summer, in a practical sense, begins in May and ends in mid-October.

During the summer season the rains are an exception. July and August are the months in which the skies on the island are clearest of clouds; therefore, it is also when it is most common to see the island’s beaches bathed by a turquoise sea.

Temperatures during the summer are warm, hovering around 30 degrees Celsius. It is not usual, but on some days of extreme heat, in the months of July, August and September, maximum temperatures of up to 40ºC can be reached.

However, if there is something that defines the Mallorcan summer, it is the large number of hours of sunshine, between 9 and 11 hours a day. This pleasant weather means that for many, summer is the best time to visit Mallorca.

Another peculiarity of summer in Mallorca is the Embat, a wind that blows from the coast inland, maintaining a pleasant temperature in the interior of the island during the hottest months. This sea breeze has unique characteristics that make this season an ideal time to practice some sailing sports.

Mallorcan autumn

Autumn begins in late September and ends in December. However, in Mallorca it arrives a little later than in the rest of Spain, since, as we mentioned before, summer tends to last longer on the island.

The autumn season in Mallorca is the rainiest, with frequent but irregular showers. Therefore, there are years in which abundant rainfall is recorded and others in which drought falls on the island.

Wet years record heavy rains, which tend to fall in a concentrated way, that is, a large amount of water in a short time. This fact leads many people to think that autumn is not the best time to visit Mallorca, but the reality is that at this time the temperature is still mild and on the island, after the rain, the sun always comes out again.

What is the best time and season to visit Mallorca? The keys!

The best time to visit Mallorca

After seeing the climatic conditions that you will find in each of the seasons in Mallorca, it seems evident that if what you are looking for is sun and beach, if we only take care of the weather, the best season to visit Mallorca are the months of July and August.  However, those hottest months are the high season, so they have some disadvantages that you should know before planning your trip.

To choose the best time to travel to Mallorca, it is also important to know the different seasons that are registered on the island. Below we explain what each season is like on the island.

High season: the best weather in Mallorca

The high season covers the months of July and August. They are the months with the most sun and in which the chances of rain are almost nil.

High season is for many visitors the best time to visit Mallorca. However, there are many people who simply visit the island during those months because that is when they have their holidays, so during the high season there is more tourist pressure in Mallorca, so all places are much more crowded and prices are remarkably higher.

In addition to lying in the sun and immersing yourself in the Mediterranean, as we mentioned before, high season is the best time of year to go to Mallorca if you are looking to practice sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc., since that is when the wind blows. the Embat.

The best time to go to Mallorca: the mid-season

The so-called mid-season includes from Easter to June and the months after the high season (September and October). During these dates the point of balance between good weather and tourist influx occurs, so it is probably the best time to travel to Mallorca if you are looking for good weather but want to avoid the crowds and high prices of the high season.

The months of June and September are just as suitable months to enjoy the sun and the beach as July and August, but the beaches are much emptier. On the other hand, the pleasant temperatures that are recorded in the middle season make it the best time to travel to Mallorca if you want to go on excursions in nature, cycling, climbing, canyoning, etc.

Unlike what happens in the low season, when most of the tourist centers are submerged in a deep lethargy, during the middle season you will find the entire tourist infrastructure working: restaurants, hotels, activities, etc.

Low season: the most unknown Mallorca

The low season runs from November, when the middle season ends, and lasts until Easter. These are the coldest months on the island, but as we mentioned before, winter in Mallorca allows you to enjoy being outdoors.

These winter months are the best time to visit Mallorca if you are looking for tranquility and pleasant weather, without being too hot or too cold. Therefore, it is the ideal time to escape the frigid temperatures that are recorded in other parts of Europe at this time of year.

One of the wonders of this season is that you will find most of Mallorca’s trails, points of interest and beaches to yourself. So you can enjoy a Mallorca that many of the people who visit us every summer are unaware of.

The downside of low season is that many restaurants and attractions take vacations, especially those outside the capital. Also, many hotels tend to close at this time of year, but as the island has a wide range of holiday homes, you will not have any problems finding where to stay, if you decide to visit Mallorca at the best time to enjoy its calm.

Winter in Mallorca is perhaps not the best time to enjoy bathing in the sea, although as we mentioned before, as there are no frosts, taking a dip is not impossible at this time of year either. However, it is the best season to enjoy the landscape of the island, both the coast and the mountains.

This season is also the best time in Mallorca to enjoy the spectacle offered by its fields from the second half of January, when the almond trees bloom, bathing the landscape in pink flowers. The cool temperatures and the beauty provided by the almond blossom season mean that many hiking lovers choose these dates as the best time to visit Mallorca.

Choosing the best accommodation in Mallorca according to the time of year

As you can see, any time is ideal to organize a getaway to Mallorca and each season has its advantages and disadvantages. You also have to keep in mind that in the Sierra de Tramuntana area you will find much cooler temperatures and a much more humid climate than on the coast.

With these two pieces of information, you can decide which is the best time to travel to Mallorca according to your tastes. The same goes for accommodation.

If you visit the island in high season and want to escape the crowds and prefer cool temperatures, look for your accommodation in the northeast of the island. On the contrary, if you visit the island in low season, you may prefer to stay in Palma, where you will find more services and activities.

Once you decide the best time to travel to Mallorca, you will have no problem finding accommodation to suit you. Consult our search engine to reserve your holiday home in any area of ??Mallorca and at any time of the year. At Reservatum we are waiting for you!

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