The 20 best beach clubs, nightclubs and discos in Mallorca

The 20 best beach clubs, nightclubs and discos in Mallorca

Beach clubs, nightclubs and discos in Mallorca intermingle with each other and offer a lively party atmosphere on the island, both during the day and at night. We present you the best clubs!

Enjoy a relaxed day at the beach, from the terrace of one of the best beach clubs on Mallorca, or watch the sunset, to feel how night falls slowly, from one of the establishments that are still open at night, transforming in nightclubs, are some of the unforgettable experiences that you can live in Mallorca.

The offer in this type of leisure is so wide that at Reservatum we have decided to prepare this small guide with the best beach clubs and the best nightclubs or discos in Mallorca. Take note and have fun!

The 10 best beach clubs in Mallorca

In another article on our blog we already explained how luxury tourism in Mallorca has only increased in recent years. Proof of this are the numerous clubs that you can find on the island, where distinguished clientele abound.

Here we tell you which are the 10 best beach clubs in Mallorca.

Purobeach Palma

The Purobeach is one of the best beach clubs in Mallorca and probably the most popular on the island. Located in the Majorcan capital, this club is located on a peninsula surrounded by water, from where you can enjoy magnificent views. An authentic oasis in the sea, as they define themselves.

With this privileged position, the Purobeach Palma is an excellent place to enjoy a relaxed day by the sea in a different way. Some of the services offered by this elegant club are: restaurant, yoga classes, wellness area and a magnificent swimming pool with views of the Mediterranean.

It is also worth noting that the sunsets from this beach club are one of the best in Mallorca. However, in the Purobeach Palma not everything is relaxing, this is also one of the best nightclubs in Mallorca, since in the afternoons and evenings it has electronic music sessions, becoming one of the best night clubs on the island.

Address: Carrer del Pagell, Carrer de Cala Estància, 1, Palma.

Nikki Beach Mallorca

Nikki Beach Mallorca is located in Magaluf. It is one of the favorite beach clubs of the rich and famous who visit the island.

Despite being a beach club, the Nikki Beach Mallorca is also one of the best nightclubs you can find in Mallorca, if you are looking to party in style. In this urban-style establishment, you will find everything you need to enjoy a day in style: music, exotic cuisine, shows, art, etc.

This is another of the beach clubs that allows you to enjoy a spectacular sunset in Mallorca, while letting yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the music. Regarding the musical offer of this select establishment, it should be noted that it normally has both local DJs and professionals from all over the world.

Address: Avenida Notari Alemany, 1, Calvià.

Beach Club Gran Folies

The Beach Club Gran Folies is on the list of the best beach clubs in Mallorca because it has an exceptional location. Located in Cala Llamp, in Port d’Andratx, hidden among the rocks, you will find this phenomenal private club.

The establishment has all the services and infrastructure to enjoy a charming afternoon by the sea. Its terrace, equipped with Balinese beds, invites you to let yourself be intoxicated by the idyllic surroundings. In addition, it has a restaurant and swimming pool, for all those people who do not want to leave the comfort of their terrace all day.

Address: Carrer Tintorera, s/n, Port d’Andratx.

Anima Beach Club

Another of the best beach clubs you will find in Palma de Mallorca is the Anima Beach Club, located on the promenade that leads to Portixol. The Anima provides its visitors with the best of the city and the sea, which is why it is so popular with visitors staying in the island’s capital.

This urban club offers a relaxed atmosphere and a high-quality restaurant in Mallorca, characterized by exotic flavors. Another aspect that stands out about the Anima Beach Club is the friendliness of its staff.

Address: Autopista de Llevant, s/n, Palma.

Mhares Sea Club

Mhares Sea Club is located on the south coast of Mallorca, in Cala Blava. There are two things that stand out about this distinguished place. The first is its environment, surrounded by sea and mountains. The other is the majestic sunsets that can be enjoyed from its facilities.

This is one of the best chillout beach clubs in Mallorca. A place to go when looking for a discreet and quiet evening with a good drink in hand.

Address: Carrer de l’Oronella, s/n.

UM Beach House Portals

The UM Beach House is located in Puerto Portals. This club has a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere and excellent cuisine.

Another of the best beach clubs in Mallorca to spend a relaxed afternoon with your eyes fixed on the sea and a good cocktail in hand. At the UM Beach House you can enjoy the Mediterranean from your pool, with magnificent views, or from one of the many sun loungers or Balinese beds that you will find on your terrace.

Address: Carretera Andratx, km. eleven.

Purobeach Illetas

The Purobeach Illetas is another establishment of the Puro group, with a very similar operation to the Purobeach Palma. In other words, in this establishment you will find good food, good music and a good atmosphere. Everything you need to enjoy an excellent experience.

Address: Passeig Illetes, 58B, Ses Illetes.

Assaona Gastrobeach

The Assaona Gastrobeach is located just a few minutes from the center of Palma. As its name suggests, it is more of a restaurant, but it is presented as a beach club. Therefore, if there is something to highlight about this place, it is its exquisite menu.

Address: Passeig Portitxol, s/n, Palma.

Balneario Illetas

Another of the best beach clubs in Mallorca to enjoy the chill-out environment is the Balneario Illetas. This club offers magnificent views and a tasty menu.

Address: Paseo Illetas, 52A, Palma.

Ponderosa Beach

One of the best beach clubs in the north of Mallorca is the Ponderosa Beach. Located on the Playa de Muro.

Without abandoning the distinguished clientele, the Ponderosa Beach is one of those places where the rich and famous go when they want to enjoy a casual atmosphere.

The place is very popular for its restaurant, which is why it attracts people from all over the island. Therefore, if you have plans to visit it, we recommend you book in advance.

Address: Casetes des Capellans, 123, Playa de Can Picafort.

The 20 best beach clubs, nightclubs and discos in Mallorca

The 10 best nightclubs and discos in Mallorca

As you can see, the plans to have fun in Mallorca are endless. Especially if you visit the island during the summer.

However, we are not done with our selection yet. Below we will tell you which are the 10 best nightclubs in Mallorca, so that you can also enjoy the night plans.

BCM Planet Dance

One of the biggest nightclubs in Mallorca is BCM Planet Dance. This mega-discotheque is located on Avenida de Magaluf.

The best-known DJs on the music scene, both national and international, have passed through its three floors and its terrace, such as David Guetta or DJ Tiësto. Therefore, it can be said that BCM Planet Dance is one of the best night clubs in Mallorca.

Its clientele is very varied, since each of its environments has its own musical style. In its Millenum room, the well-known foam party is held, a whole display of special effects, pyrotechnics and spectacle.

Address: Avenida de l’Olivera, s/n, Magaluf.

Tokio Joes

Located in Magaluf you will find another of the best nightclubs in Mallorca, Tokio Joes. This nightclub is popular for its Hip-Hop and RnB music. The establishment has four bars and a huge dance area.

Address: Carrer Punta Ballena, 7, 07181 Torrenova.

Banana Club

Banana Club is one of the best nightclubs in the north of Mallorca. This night club is known for organizing very original theme parties, especially during the summer.

However, what makes the Banana one of the best nightclubs in Mallorca is its dance floor, shaped like a huge glass pyramid, whose floor moves to the rhythm of the music. Something you have to experience to understand!

Like other clubs in Mallorca, this room offers different musical styles: Latin music, electronic music, etc.

Address: Avenida Tucà, 1, Port d’Alcúdia.

Club de Mar

In Palma’s Club de Mar, in addition to the sailing school, you will find one of the best nightclubs in Mallorca, the Club de Mar Terrace & Nightclub. The establishment has different environments: terrace, bar, VIP area, etc.

Address: Muelle Pelaires s/n, Palma.

Brooklyn Club

Despite being relatively new, the Brooklyn Club is already considered one of the best nightclubs in Mallorca. This nightclub has two floors, where local DJs and international guests play all kinds of music.

Address: Carrer de Dameto, 6, Palma.

Kaelum Club

Another of the best nightclubs in Mallorca, for us, is the Kaelum Club. This night club is located in the Santa Catalina neighborhood in Palma, one of the oldest in the city.

The club is made up of small houses, in which the fishermen of the area used to live. Without a doubt, a peculiar nightclub that is worth visiting.

Address: Avinguda de l’Argentina, 3, Palma.

Social Club

The Social Club Mallorca is an elegant nightclub, a space with a distinguished atmosphere and a wide range of theme nights. One of the wonders of the Social Club is its huge outdoor terrace with impressive views over the port of Palma.

The musical style of this nightclub is varied and alternates between House, Latin, Techno, etc., depending on the DJ who visits the club that night. What is certain is that each rhythm will be perfect, since the Social Club is considered one of the best nightclubs in Mallorca for its excellent selection of DJs.

Address: Avenida de Gabriel Roca, 33, Palma.


The nightclub of this selection of the best nightclubs in Mallorca is the Boomerang, also located in Magaluf. It is popular for its house, electronic and hip hop music.

Address: Carrer Miguel Altoaguirre, Magaluf.

Garito Café

The Garito Café Mallorca is located in the Can Bárbara marina. It is included in our selection of the 10 best nightclubs in Mallorca because despite being a small place, it has a fantastic musicl offer.

Address: Darsena de Ca’n Barbara n, Palma.

Titos Calvià Beach

Titos Calvià Beach is not only one of the best nightclubs in Mallorca, it is ideal for an outing with friends looking to enjoy a night of live music, surrounded by a good atmosphere.

The establishment has several dance floors, each one of them has its own atmosphere, so it is impossible not to find your musical style at Titos Calvià Beach.

Address: Avenida Gabriel Roca, 31, Palma.

Party and relaxation in Mallorca

Without a doubt, in order to fully enjoy all the clubs that we have just recommended, both the best beach clubs in Mallorca and the nightlife that its discos offer, it is necessary to have a place where you can rest and relax after the long days of fun. In our blog we have already commented, on several occasions, that on the island you will find a wide range of accommodation, adapted to all tastes and needs.

We prefer accommodation in vacation homes, rather than staying in hotels, since it is a type of accommodation that offers more flexibility and privacy. If you have the same opinion, do not hesitate to consult our search and book the holiday home in Mallorca that best suits you and your holidays.

Don’t think twice and organize your trip. The best beach clubs and the best nightclubs in Mallorca are waiting for you to offer you the best fun! And at Reservatum we are waiting for you with the best accommodation!

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