Guide to the best wineries in Mallorca

Guide to the best wineries in Mallorca, which one to visit?

If you are a wine lover, visiting the wineries in Mallorca is an activity not to be missed. The wine offer on the island is very wide and you will not only find different varieties of wine, but also a large number of wineries open to the public.

In another article on our blog, we already told you that a very original and fun way to discover the wine culture in Mallorca is the Wine Express tour. However, we know that many of our readers are true lovers of good wine and wine tourism, which is why at Reservatum we have decided to prepare this small guide on the best wineries in Mallorca.

The origins of wine in Mallorca

Although wine in Mallorca has been present since time immemorial, it was not until the Roman conquest that the first vineyard arrived on the island. Time in which, according to various documents, Mallorcan wines achieved great fame, compared to Italian wines.

Wine production on the island resisted the years of Muslim domination, in which the consumption of wine was prohibited. Later, under the Christian kingdom, the cultivation of grapes gained importance again, becoming one of the main economic activities of its inhabitants.

However, the maximum splendor of the wineries in Mallorca was reached between 1865 and 1890, as a result of the urgent demand caused by the devastating effect of the phylloxera plague on French vineyards. Unfortunately, the plague also ended up affecting the island a short time later, and much of the vine cultivation was replaced by almond trees, leaving wine production reduced to a very small amount that was not enough to supply the internal demand of the island.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the vineyards began to be repopulated, but it was not until the 1990s that the sector began to regain strength, encouraged, to a large extent, by the technological reform of the best wine cellars in Mallorca.

Nowadays, Mallorcan wines have a high prestige and visiting a wine cellar in Mallorca has become one of the essential activities that you must do on the island.

Mallorcan wine types

Mallorca has two denominations of origin of its own: Pla i Llevant and Binissalem. Under them, the wineries in Mallorca are authorized to use the following grape varieties for winemaking:

  • White grape: Chardonnay, Moscatel de Grano Menudo, Parellada, Riesling, Viognier, White Prensal and Giró Ros.
  • Red grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Monastrell, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Tempranillo, Callet, Mantonegro, Fogoneu, Gorgollassa and Macabeo.

In addition to these two previous denominations of origin, the more than 500 wine brands that you will find on the island are labeled with the following three geographical indications:

  1. Vino de la Tierra Illes Balears: is used to label wines produced entirely in the Balearic Islands.
  2. Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca: Wines produced entirely on the island are identified, both the grape harvest and the packaging.
  3. Vino de la Serra de Tramuntana-Costa Nord: under this geographical identification are grouped the brands whose wine is produced in that rugged area of Mallorca, between Andratx and Pollença.

The best wineries in Mallorca

If you are one of those people who enjoys visiting wineries during your travels, in Mallorca you will not be bored.

Despite the small size of the island, its geography hides more than 70 wineries, many of which are open to the public permanently or can be visited with prior reservation. The most popular are:

Bodega Ribas

Bodega Ribas is, without a doubt, a winery in Mallorca that you must visit if you want to discover the wine-making history of the island, since its activity dates back to 1711.

They offer various personalized tours in several languages (Majorcan, Spanish, German, French or English), for which you must make a reservation in advance.

All tours end with a wine tasting. In it you can taste the wide variety of wines that are made in this winery and that are grouped under two lines, depending on the age of the vines: young, with primary and fresh aromas, and old (Sió and Ribas de Cabrera). You will also find some limited editions that are the result of the passion for innovation of its winemakers.

Direction: Carrer de Muntanya,  2, Consell.

Bodega Macià Batle

Macià Batle is perhaps one of the best wineries in Mallorca to explore closely how technological advances have transformed wine production.

It offers routes with wine tasting (4 or 5 varieties) from its two families: Macià Batle and Margalida Lompart.

Direction: Camí de Coanegra, s/n, Santa Maria del Camí.

Bodega José L. Ferrer

The José L. Ferrer Winery has 92 hectares of local grape cultivation, which have been expanding over time.

Visiting this winery in Mallorca is one of the best ways to discover how the cultivation of grapes and the production of wines recovered their former strength in the last stage of the 20th century.

Its wine production is organized around 5 families of wines, each with a special character: Dues, Ferreret, José L. Ferrer, Pedra de Binissalem and Veritas.

Direction: Carrer del Conquistador, 103, Binissalem.

Bodegas Miquel Oliver

Bodegas Miquel Oliver is widely recognized and throughout history has received numerous awards and prizes.

In the winery, 13 different wine labels are made. Each of them has their own story.

It offers four types of tours of different duration each: enologic (1 hour and a half), emotive (2 hours), tapas (3 hours) and gastronomic (4 hours).

Direction: Carretera Petra – Santa Margalida, Km 1.8, Petra.

Bodega Biniagual

The enclave of Biniagual makes it one of the essential visits on the route of wine cellars in Mallorca. Its production is focused on traditional strains and seeks to be free of fertilizers.

In the winery shop, in addition to a wide range of wines, you can buy other local products such as oil, jams, etc.

Direction: Camí de Muro, 11, Binissalem.

Bodega Son Prim

Son Prim is a family winery specialized in the production of wines made from a single grape (monovarietal).

It is not one of the most traditional production houses on the island, since its facilities date back to 2003, however, it is one of the best wineries in Mallorca to visit if you are looking to have a good time while learning about wines.

In Son Prim you will find both white and red wines. It also has a proposal for boxes, each inspired by one of the seasons of the year.

Direction: Carretera Inca – Sencelles, Km.9, Sencelles.

Vins Nadal

The Vins Nadal winery is completely dedicated to the production of sustainable wine. The elaboration of its wine is made with local grape varieties, distinguished under the geographical indication of Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca.

If you decide to visit this winery in Mallorca, you will discover four sets of labels:

  • Young wines characterized by their freshness and a fruity touch
  • Crianzas with body and maturity made with Mantonegro, Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah
  • Our femininity: white wine made with Sauvignon Blanc and rosé with Mantonegro.
  • Our identity: range of wines dominated by the Mantonegro grape variety.

Direction: Calle de Ramon Llull, 2, Binissalem.

Finca Son Bordils

Finca Son Bordils is located on top of a hill, in the center of the island of Mallorca, and is made up of 34 hectares of vineyards.

Son Bordils is one of the best wineries in Mallorca to visit during the harvest, since the harvest is done completely manually.

A wide range of wines are produced in these vineyards, but we recommend you try the Bisbals, whose name alludes to a geographical area of garrigue and pine forests on the estate itself and which has the geographical distinction of Wine from the land of Mallorca.

Direction: Carretera Inca-Sineu, Km 4, Inca.

Bodega Castell Miquel

One of the best wineries to visit in Mallorca if, in addition to wine, you like the mountains, because the Castell Miquel winery is located in the middle of the Sierra de Tramuntana. Specifically, it is located on a hillside, hence this charming winery is also called “the stairway to paradise”.

Direction: Carretera Km 8,7, 07340 Alaró.

La Bodega de la Rubia

La Rubia is not one of the largest wineries in Mallorca, but it is a very charming place. It is run by a family and offers very personalized attention.

Direction: Sa Plaça, 8A, Sineu.

Guide to the best wineries in Mallorca, which one to visit?

Other wine cellars to visit in Mallorca

If you have already finished visiting the most popular wineries in Mallorca or are looking for alternative options, you may also be interested in knowing the following:

Bodegas Vi Rei

Bodegas Vi Rei is one of the best wine cellars in the south of Mallorca, with magnificent views of the sea.

Direction: Carretera Cap Blanc, Km 25. Llucmajor.

Bodega Son Artigues

Son Artigues is an excellent winery to visit in Mallorca if you are interested in discovering how technology can help in winemaking.

Direction: Camino de Son Artigues, Porreres.

Celler Tiana Negre

At Celler Tiana Negre, in addition to discovering winemaking, you can explore oil production.

Direction: Camí des Mitjans. Binissalem.

Bodega Son Juliana

Son Juliana is one of the best wine cellars in Mallorca if you are one of those people who prefer to discover places that few tourists know about. Its wine production is carried out fundamentally with local grape strains.

Direction: Carretera Santa Maria–Sencelles, km. 7.2. Santa Eugenia.

Bodega Son Sureda Ric

Son Sureda Ric is located in a bucolic place, surrounded not only by vineyards, but in its vicinity you will also find orange trees, orchards and sheep.

This, together with the few reforms to which the estate has been subjected, make visiting this wine cellar in Mallorca a trip back in time.

Direction: Carretera de Manacor Colonia de Sant Pere. Km. 6,05, Manacor.

Vinyes Mortitx

Vinyes Mortitx is an excellent alternative if you want to discover wine production in the Tramuntana area. Its 19 hectares of vineyards are located 400 meters above the sea.

Direction: Carretera Pollenca-Lluc, km. 10,9, Escorca.

Bodegas Angel

It is a relatively new winery, but its wines are highly recommended. Ideal for people who like to visit small wineries.

Direction: Ctra. Santa Maria-Sencelles Km 4,8, Santa Maria del Camí.

Bodega Ramanya

In the Ramanya winery, in addition to its facilities, you can visit a collection of tools from the pre-industrial era that were used in Mallorca.

It offers two types of tours, one basic and the other with pairing.

Direction: Cami des coscois, 16, Santa Maria del Camí.

Bodegas Can Vidalet

It offers two alternatives to visit the winery. Go alone to the tasting of 4 wines accompanied by tapas of local products or take the guided tour of the vineyards and the winery, and then end the tour with the tasting.

Direction: Carretera Alcúdia – Pollença, km 4,85, Pollença.

Vins Miquel Gelabert

Family winery with limited production. An excellent alternative if you are looking for personalized attention.

Direction: Calle Salas, 50. Manacor.

Bonus for super wine lovers

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, if the previous 20 wineries have not been enough and you want to continue discovering wineries in Mallorca, we can still recommend many others. Take note!

  • Bodegas Bordoy
  • Bodega Conde de SUYROT
  • Bodega Binivista
  • Bodega Jardí Lavica
  • Bodega Son Vives
  • Sebastia Pastor
  • Bodega Can Feliu
  • Bodegas Munar
  • 7103 Petit Celler
  • Can Feliu
  • Can Majoral
  • Antonio Nadal Bodegas y Viñedos
  • Vins Can Novell
  • WeinFeldSineu

Now that you know which are the best wineries in Mallorca, don’t think twice, search on our website for the best accommodation for you and come visit the best Mallorcan vineyards. At Reservatum we are waiting for you!

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