Where is the best area to live in Mallorca as a foreigner?

Where to live in Mallorca as a foreigner? Your ideal place!

Are you a foreigner and are you looking for the best places in Mallorca to live? If you are thinking of moving to the island, either for work or retirement, you are in luck because the island is a true paradise.

Its climate, with mild temperatures for most of the year, as well as its landscape make living in Mallorca a real luxury for most foreigners who visit us. On the other hand, the comfort that it provides, given the wide range of services that it offers (golf courses, foreign communities, etc.), as well as how comfortable it is to move within the island and the tranquility that is breathed contributes to the fact that the quality of life in Mallorca is unbeatable.

Where are the best places to live in Mallorca?

Answering the question of where the best area in Mallorca is to live in is almost impossible. The Majorcan territory is very diverse and offers both beach and mountain environments as well as urban ones, so the answer depends a lot on the tastes or preferences of each person. However, it is normal that if you are not familiar with the island’s geography it will be difficult for you to choose the best area of Mallorca to live in.

That is why to help all those people who are thinking of moving to Mallorca right now and are looking for the best place to settle, at Reservatum we have prepared this small guide. In it we explain what characterizes the different areas of the island and the 10 best places to live in Mallorca.

The island can be divided into 4 different regions: Southwest, Northeast, Northwest and Southwest. All of them have places of interest to live.

Living in the southwest of Mallorca

The southwest of Mallorca is one of the areas most valued by the foreign population, mainly for two reasons: its magnificent beaches and the prestigious international schools that are located in this region. Portals Nous, Port Andratx, Bendinat, Illetes, Santa Ponsa, Puerto Portals are some places you will find in this region.

If you like glamor and are looking to live in environments with status, the southwest of Mallorca, without a doubt, can be one of the best areas to live on the island. This area of the island is also a good candidate as a place of residence because it has many foreign communities.

In this region we also find Palma, the capital of the island, but we will talk about it later, since it is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in Mallorca.

The northwest of Mallorca for mountain lovers

The northwest is perhaps one of the most beautiful and photographed areas of the island. The Serra de Tramuntana is located in this region, making it the best area to live in Mallorca if you are a mountain lover.

This part of Mallorca is ideal for all those who seek the tranquility provided by the forests and hidden coves, away from the comings and goings of tourists to which other regions are subjected.

Some charming towns that you will find in this part of the island are: Deià, Valldemossa, Fornalutx, Esporles, Sóller and Port de Sóller.

The interesting area of the northeast

Living in the northeast of Mallorca can be an excellent option for those who do not want to settle in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana but who like to practice outdoor activities, such as hiking and cycling.

Alcúdia and Port Alcúdia are the busiest towns in this part of Mallorca. Other much quieter towns such as Pollensa, Artá and Canyamel considerably increase their number of visitors during the summer, but they are still ideal places to live in the northeast, if you are looking for tranquility.

The rural southwest

The Southwest region is characterized by pristine farmland and country areas. However, in this part of the island there are also some lively towns that can be very attractive to live in, such as Manacor or Santanyí.

Where to live in Mallorca as a foreigner? Your ideal place!

The 10 best places where to live in Mallorca

As you can see, Mallorca offers a wide variety of environments in which to settle down to live permanently or for a couple of months a year. Below we share with you our 10 favorite places to live in Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca

At the top of the list is Palma de Mallorca. We and the British newspaper “Sunday Times” think so, which in its ranking of the best places in the world to live places the Majorcan capital in first place.

The capital of Mallorca may be the best area to live for all those people who want to move to the island, but do not want to give up the hustle and bustle of the city. Palma has a lot to offer foreign residents, as it is close to the airport, which makes it easy for quick getaways, breathes a cosmopolitan air and is located in front of the sea.

Among the preferred areas to live in Palma de Mallorca is the Old Town, the neighborhoods of Calatrava, Santa Catalina and Portixol. In the Majorcan city you will also find high standing areas such as the Son Vida area, with designer homes and excellent golf facilities.

Sóller and Port de Sóller

Sóller is a town with a French air and a lot of charm. Its modernist architecture and the magnificent backdrop provided by the mountains make it the best charming town in which to live in Mallorca.

This town is one of the best areas to live in Mallorca if what you are looking for is a vibrant urban center, but surrounded by countryside and very close to the sea. Until very recently this town was quite isolated from the rest of the island, since access to it by road was very difficult, but after the construction of the bridge that gives access to the town, the town has become very attractive to live in.

Both the town and Port de Sóller are characterized by a great feeling of community and given that many foreigners have settled in the area in recent years, the international community is very united. This fact is especially appreciated on Saturdays, which is market day, and in the many festivals and activities that are organized in the town.

Pollensa and Puerto de Pollensa

The town of Pollensa and its port are also highly valued within the international community, especially among the British population. The beauty of its landscape, its narrow streets, full of history, and the wide range of activities and events that it offers throughout the year are some of the reasons that lead many people to decide that this area is the best in Mallorca to live.

Pollensa and Puerto de Pollensa vary drastically between high season and the rest of the year. During the summer season there are many visitors and it has numerous shops, but when the low season arrives, most of the shops close and the town is invaded by calm and tranquility.

Artà and Capdepera

Artà and Capdepera are two towns located in the east of Mallorca, considered by a significant community of Germans as the best place in Mallorca to live. Proof of this are the numerous businesses that you will find in these centers, which are managed by the German population.

Artà and Capdepera are small towns, but they have all the necessary services so that you will find nothing missing that you could find in a large urban center. If what you are looking for is tranquility and you would like to experience traditional Mallorca, without a doubt, this is the best area for you.

In recent years, the volume of the international population that settles in these locations has increased. In them you can choose between living in the urban area or settling in one of the town houses or rustic farms that you will find in the vicinity.


If you come with children, the best place in Mallorca to live is Marratxí. This small town has a school and all the basic services that a family may need.

Marratxí is located just 5 kilometers from the capital of the island, so you can get there quickly. In addition, the town is made up of various urban centers, which make the town very quiet and safe. Therefore, in Marratxí you can live with the calm of the town, but without giving up the benefits of the city.


Santanyí is characterized by its rustic setting, but it is located very close to attractive beaches and golf courses. This charming town has also been chosen by many Germans as the best area in Mallorca to live, especially by artists and craftsmen.

The old walled city of Santanyí is surrounded by pleasant countryside and has an interesting social life, much of which revolves around the galleries and restaurants that you will find in its streets.

Andratx and Port d’Andratx

In the southwest of Mallorca and with the Sierra de Tramuntana as a backdrop, you will find Andratx and Port d’Andratx, two ideal locations to live near the sea but surrounded by the intense green of the mountains. This area is also ideal for the international community because it has a very good connection to Palma and the airport.

Andratx is a town with a very Majorcan atmosphere and quite calm, so it is ideal if you want to live surrounded by the local community. Port d’Andratx is more variant, in summer it is full of life, much of which revolves around its yacht club. However, in low season calm returns and the place recovers its peaceful rhythm of a fishing port.

In winter it is common for this area to register the occasional strong storm, but for most of the year, both the town and its port enjoy good weather.


Another of the best valued places to live in the vicinity of the Sierra de Tramuntana in Mallorca is Calvià. This area is famous for the purity of its air, the tranquility of its bays and its unforgettable landscape.

Calvià is a town but it is also a municipality that integrates various towns. One of the attractions of this area is the magnificent promenade that unites almost all the urban centers that make up the municipality: Paguera, Son Ferrer, Bendinat, Santa Ponsa, Calvià, Costa de sa Calma, Sol de Mallorca, Portals Vells, Galatzó, Es Capdellà, Portals Nous, El Toro, Magaluf, Costa d’en Blanes, Palmanova, Cas Català – Ses Illetes and Sa Porrassa.

This, together with the fact that Calvià has a lively urban center, which increases its activity during the summer, as a result of tourist activity, to later recover calm during the winter, make this town highly valued by the international community.


If you are looking to live in an authentic Mallorcan town, surrounded by tradition, Llucmajor is the best place to live in Majorca. Llucmajor is considered one of the oldest towns on the island, since the Talayotic site of Capocorb Vell, the oldest settlement in Mallorca, is located in the area.

Both the town of Llucmajor and the homonymous municipality made up of 16 villages are characterized by a landscape dotted with almond and apricot trees. Some 10,000 people currently reside in the town of Llucmajor and more and more foreigners decide to settle in its streets, dotted with beautiful architecture.

Santa María, Binissalem y Alaró (central zone)

Finally, we propose a triad of towns that are located in the central area of the island, in the interior: Santa María, Binissalem and Alaró. In all three there are already important foreign communities installed.

The downtown area has a very varied landscape and an important community life. The ease of access from these towns to Palma means that living in them allows you to enjoy the tranquility offered by inland towns, without giving up the services offered by the urban environment.

Where is the best area in Mallorca to live in?

Our advice to find the best place to live in Mallorca is that, before you start buying a house or committing to a long-term rental, try to live for a few days or a couple of weeks in those places that seem like a good option, according to your tastes and preferences. For this, it is best to resort to holiday rentals.

In the Reservatum search engine you will find homes of all kinds in the different regions of Mallorca. We invite you to book your holiday home in Mallorca with us and to try living in the different areas of Mallorca until you find the best place for you.

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