Serra de Tramuntana

serra de tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana

In Mallorca you can discover fascinating views walking through the Serra de Tramuntana, the main mountain range of the Balearic Islands. Especially now in winter, as our landscapes look very special. It’s amazing how our island shines every time more and more! It is our pleasure to share the charming views from the “Puig Major1.436 m high, the highest mountain of the island which is located on the Sierra de Tramuntana.

The mountain range is located in the northwest of the island. Hence its name, since the north wind is the wind that comes from that direction, but more specifically its northern component, which is Tramuntana wind according to the wind rose local (Mediterranean). Its origin goes back to the alpine retreat of the secondary era. In it are the three large dams of Mallorca: Cúber, the Gorg Blau and the military for the use of the base of Puig Major. Discover the Mallorcan nature by walking through some beautiful valleys of the Balearic Islands.

Discover the highlights of the Serra de Tramuntana

At the top of it, there is a military installation, the army of air. It encourages us to explore the beautiful island in which we live the Mallorcans, for its prehistory and success. The “Gorg Blau” and the “Embassament de Cúber” are two torrents in the middle of the mountains. You will find them near the Puig Mayor and in the habitat of the “Serra de Tramuntana”. These two torrents are those that supply us with water in Mallorca. The fact that our island has such a moving and interesting history, in addition to having such breathtaking views at the same time so precious, should motivate us to get to know the most hidden corners of “Mallorqueta“. As well as, the same area offers a natural park with a very unique atmosphere.

The best known and recognized worldwide deep canyon for its high difficulty is “Sa Fosca”. It leaves from the Gorg Blau reservoir towards the “Torrent de Lluc”, where they join forming the famous “Torrent de Pareis”, with vertical wall, up to 300 m. You can plan a full day trip where you can take beautiful photos. Or you could do magnificent landscape drawings and work our creativity in outdoors surroundings. Dare to climb to the top of the Puig Major, enjoying our nature. Breathe in very deeply the perfect refreshing air and unique breezes that Mallorca has to offer. Experience impressive excursions, both, in winter and summer-time.

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