How to choose the rental holiday home in Mallorca? Without surprises!

How to choose a rental holiday home in Mallorca without surprises?

We explain you the 7 keys to keep in mind when looking for your ideal holiday home in Mallorca to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments on your holidays.

Going on holiday to the largest of the Balearic Islands is an ever-present desire for tourists from all over the world who visit us every year. Unfortunately, not all visitors have the same mind-blowing and enjoyable experience they expect when opting for a rental home in Mallorca.

This is due to a lack of caution and a number of important details that are overlooked when making the decision and choosing a country house, rental holiday home or apartment on the island of Mallorca.

To avoid surprises, it is necessary to choose well from the real estate agent to the property. Taking the right steps is crucial so that those vacations, for which you work all year long, go as planned.

At Reservatum we have specialized for years in offering the best holiday homes in Mallorca. Get in touch with us and we will help you find the rental home in Mallorca that best suits your tastes and budget.

In the following lines we offer you the keys to make your next holidays in Mallorca wonderful. We explain in detail what to do to find the best property and make the right choice.

Looking for the ideal rental holiday home in Mallorca

Finding the ideal rental holiday home in Mallorca might not be so easy for the foreign tourist. Therefore, it is important to plan your holiday in advance and not neglect the details related to the rental process.

First of all, it is necessary to choose a serious agency, reliable and flexible. This will save you time and headaches related to the chosen property, the conditions of use of the house and the resolution of any inconvenience that may arise along the way.

You also need to be very careful with the selection of the appropriate home rental. Whether you want a rental home with pool in Mallorca or a larger property for a larger family, where they can do outdoor activities.

The location of the rental home is also very important, depending on the purpose of the trip. You can stay in a house in Palma, the capital, or choose a country house to rent from the nearby towns to be more in contact with nature.

The proximity to the beach also allows you to save fuel or you can choose a property that has everything in one place: beach, swimming pool, sports facilities, etc., so that you have to go out as little as possible. Therefore, it is advisable before making the final decision, think about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the offers of holiday homes in Mallorca.

Another no less relevant data is the season in which you plan to take your holidays in Mallorca. Remember that depending on the month of the year you choose, holiday rental prices are more or less high. Of course, the three most expensive months are June, July and August, in the height of summer.

Last but not least, check that what they are offering you is true. Not all that glitters is gold! Sometimes the images do not reveal the true state of the facilities. Better be sure to work with reputable and ethical agencies like Reservatum, where we always post real, current photos.

7 tips for renting a holiday home in Mallorca

7 tips for renting a holiday home in Mallorca

Plan your holiday in Mallorca with time.

If you have already chosen Mallorca as the next place to spend your holidays, it is advisable to start planning well those days of relaxation and dreams.

It’s true that spontaneous trips can be fun, and you might even find last-minute deals. But when we think of important family or couple trips, this cannot be left to chance. Holidays  costs and occupies an important place in the family budget, so complications can only arise if the planning is left to chance

Ideally, you should start planning your Majorca holidays at least six months in advance. The benefits of doing it in advance, translate into better flight or ferry rates, better rental prices for the holiday home in Mallorca and more welcoming accommodations.

Plus, it allows you more time to save. You can update your passport, learn a little about the local culture, its laws and local language, and do a little better research on your chosen destination.

Compare prices of rental holiday homes in Mallorca

You don’t have to “marry” the first Mallorca holiday rental home you see, no matter how attractive it may seem. Take a reasonable time to review prices and rental conditions of the different properties which are offered.

You must make sure that your price is really worth it and that the relation price-benefit is the most appropriate. Lower prices almost always mean more limitations or lower quality of the property, although there are exceptions.

You can ask the agency to send additional photos and / or videos of the property so that you can see the details. Also search on Google Earth for the area and location of the rental home in Mallorca.

This way you can compare between different properties that you have chosen and then choose the one that offers the most benefits. For example, price, equipment, spaces, architecture, location, service and entertainment areas.

If you are one of those who think of everything and do not want to take any risk after the property is booked, you can think about cancellation insurance, if the agency allows it of course.

These policies work very well for travel (tickets and accommodation). While it adds an additional cost to a holiday, it can be very beneficial. If for some reason of force majeure you must cancel the trip, then you can recover the initial investment.

Check the services offered by the rental home

During the process of booking the rental home in Mallorca, you must verify that what you are hiring will finally be what you will receive. Everything they offer you should be detailed in the contract of the holiday rental.

From the furniture to the electrical appliances that the property contains, they must be reflected in the document. When arriving at the house, home or holiday estate, you should also check the status of each of the equipment and the property in general. Any subsequent damage that occurs must be covered by the landlord.

There are vacation rental houses that offer supposed services that are not really offered and when you are there; there is not much to do.

Read other people’s comments and testimonials

Every serious holiday rental agency always has testimonials from tourists who have visited the property before and leave their comments on their website. These testimonials allow us to contrast what is offered and what the clients of the holiday home really think.

Customer satisfaction is one of the best indicators to measure the quality level of the rental holiday home in Mallorca. We can know if the property and the agency comply with what was promised or if instead there are many complaints about the service provided.

Although customer reviews are sometimes part of the website’s advertising to attract more customers, in general, testimonials and reviews almost always reflect the good and bad of the holiday destination and the service offered by the rental home.

Check the day of entry and exit of the rental home

They are two very important dates and situations that greatly influence the customer experience. Carefully planning both days is crucial too. Since the holiday home in Mallorca is not the same experience as in a hotel, where it has a 24-hour service (reception) and shares the facilities with more tourists.

To avoid inconvenience when entering the property or saying goodbye, it is recommended to agree on these details with the Holiday rental agency. It is important to specify the arrival time and the name and contact information of the person who will receive you to give you the keys to the rental holiday home you have chosen.

That person must show the property to the tenant and sign a document of the conditions in which the house and the existing furniture are received. In the same way, when you leave the property, agree with that same person on the formal return of the house.

When handing over the keys, it must be verified that the property has not suffered any deterioration.

Read well the rental conditions described in the contract

We must insist on this point. It is convenient that before signing the contract or requesting the booking for the rental of the holiday home in Mallorca, the landlord has clarified all doubts. That is, the price, booking conditions, penalties -if any-, what he can and cannot do and what to do in case of cancellation.

If you or a member of the family have any special needs, for health reasons or traveling with a pet, it is important to say so clearly. Everything, absolutely everything that you consider necessary to clarify, must be done. Including, the contact person in case any problem arises in the property during your vacation.

Carefully read the fine print of the contracts, it is advisable not to make mistakes or get surprises. It must be clear in the contract the date and time of entry and exit of the property and who will give you the keys to the house when you arrive.

Another thing to check is who is renting, if it is the owner or an intermediary. In the Balearic Islands, the same legal regulations do not apply for agencies as for individuals. When you contract with a holiday rental agency, local laws offer greater guarantees to the client.

Beware of scams with the rental holiday in Mallorca

Once everything is clear, proceed to the payment but first confirm the available payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Bizum, etc.). Make sure the account you are paying the holiday home to belongs to the company that actually rents the holiday home in Mallorca.

Some evidence of payment must be recorded in the system which is used. Then, the holiday home rental agency in Mallorca must issue a payment receipt or confirmation that you must keep, because it may be required later.

Scammers abound in the holiday rental industry. There are not only a few cases of identity theft (phishing) in which the tourist is scammed by fake rental websites. You should be aware of the security details of the website.

One of the most common tricks is prepayments to accounts outside the system where the house is advertised. The scammers offer some reward to the victims if they decide to make these payments outside the normal channel, claiming any pretext.

Giving money to people you don’t know can be risky. Sometimes, the victim is asked by mail to enter the payment through external platforms where through malicious software their personal data and passwords are captured.

Another form of scam is to get carried away by misleading offers and hire the rental through people and not through recognized websites of holiday rental agencies, as it’s the case with Reservatum. There are accounts on social networks that offer visitors very luxurious properties with all the comforts at ridiculous prices.

As you can see, choosing and booking a holiday home in Mallorca for the weekend or for several days, is a process that requires certain care. There are agencies like Reservatum that make everything very simple and fast, but there are other sites that can complicate things.

If you decide to visit Mallorca with us, we will guide you step by step through the entire process of renting the ideal home for you and your family. So you can choose the best holiday house rental in Mallorca at very affordable prices and with an optimal and safe service.

Also, when you choose a agency with experience and good references, you know that you are choosing the best. Those who have visited us for years prefer us, because we know how important it is for our clients to enjoy those moments with their family and loved ones.

We are a team always ready to satisfy the client. We do not promise what we can’t deliver. Of course, we guarantee that from the first moment of your arrival on our island until your return, you will enjoy a competent and personalized professional service.

We have an unbeatable offer of rental holiday homes in Mallorca. Take a tour through our website and you for sure you find that holiday property you’ve always wanted to enjoy.

If you are thinking of renting a holiday home in Mallorca, you are in right place. You will find the best holiday home with all the services and amenities that you and your family deserve. Write or call right now and we are glad to serve you!

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