Do you want to travel to Mallorca with kids? Tips before traveling

Do you want travel to Mallorca with kids? 10 tips before traveling

Organizing a holiday to Mallorca with kids is always a good plan, since the island is ideal for spending quality time with the family. Finding destinations that offer plans and places of interest for both adults and children is not easy; however, going to Mallorca with children is a joy because on the island everyone finds fun to suit them.

In a previous article we already talked about the 10 things to do in Mallorca for fun, but in this post we want to dedicate it to telling you all the things you can do with the little ones in the house, during your trip to Mallorca with kids.

Planning the trip to Mallorca with children

To begin with, going to Mallorca with kids from the Iberian Peninsula can be a fun activity for the little ones, especially if they are not used to traveling by ferry. As you should know, Mallorca can be reached both by plane and by ferry, so if your children have never travelled by ferry before, and you have time, entering the island through one of its seaports can be an excellent way to start the holidays to Mallorca with kids.

There are three shipping companies that will allow you to organize your particular Mediterranean cruise, so that the youngest members of the household can enjoy their first experience as sailors: Balearia, Trasmediterránea and GrandiNaviVeloci (GNV). The main ports of departure are Barcelona, Valencia and Denia. If you are encouraged to travel with children to Mallorca by boat, in this article on our blog we provide you with a detailed guide on how to travel to the island by ferry.

The best plans to go to Mallorca with kids

Without a doubt, Mallorca is famous for its beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, which, due to their great beauty, you should visit, regardless of the time of year in which you visit the island. In fact, Mallorca has a mild Mediterranean climate that allows you to swim most of the year. In this article you can check which our favorite beaches in Mallorca are.

But in addition to beaches, Mallorca has several parks where the family can spend a fun day. As we explained in the first post of our blog dedicated to children’s activities in Mallorca, some of the most popular are: Katmandu Park, Forrestal Park, Western Water Park, Jungle Park and Jungle Park Junior.

To all of the above, we must add that the island offers numerous hiking trails and a wide range of activities designed for children. In short, in Mallorca you will find endless plans that will allow your family to enjoy a fun stay on the island. Below, we give you more details about everything you can do on the island if you go on holiday to Mallorca with kids.

Top 5 hiking trails to do with children in Mallorca

In the last article that we have previously recommended, we referred to the 3.5 km walk that can be done in the Puig de Galatzó Reserve, which runs through the Serra de Tramuntana, one of the areas of Mallorca where there are more options to go out to walk to nature you will find. But neither is the Serra de Tramuntana the only area where you can go hiking if you decide to organize a trip to Mallorca with children, nor is the circular route of the Puig de Galatzó Reserve the only path suitable for families that you will find in the Serra de Tramuntana.

The island offers many more possibilities; some trails run through nature and others combine green stretches with the wonders of the Majorcan coast, such as the via verde (the green way). There are so many options that sometimes choosing between one or the other is difficult. Our favourite walks in Mallorca to travel with children are:

Cuber reservoir

The Cuber reservoir is another route in the Serra de Tramuntana, near Selva, and is also circular route. This route is very easy and faces almost no climbs, so you will find it very easy to complete if you are going on holiday with children in Mallorca.

The good thing about this tour is that the Serra de Tramuntana is huge and beautiful, therefore, this activity can be combined with a car tour to visit some of the most emblematic places in the area, such as Deia, Valldemossa, Sa Calobra or Soller, with its emblematic railway.

The Albercutx watchtower: a pirate story

If your children need a special motivation to go for a walk, the route to the Albercutx watchtower is a good option for them, since the history of pirates that it contains will keep them entertained during the tour.

Mallorca has various watchtowers along its coast to defend the island from pirate attacks, many are still standing, but the best preserved is the one on the Albercutx watchtower, which is why it is the one we recommend.

To start the tour, you can leave from the Colomer viewpoint, where you can park your car. From there, a beautiful route ascends with views of the Bay of Pollensa until reaching the top. Once at the top, they can step into the shoes of the 16th century lookouts and keep an eye out for pirate ships in sight.

The secret island of Alcanada beach

Near Alcudia, on the beach of Alcanada, you will find a small island with a lighthouse, separated from land by just 100 meters. It can be reached on foot without the water reaching cover. Once on the islet you can walk around it and go up to the lighthouse, which has beautiful views.

It is a very simple excursion and an excellent walk to do on a hot day. The only thing you should keep in mind when organizing this plan is that to walk to the island the whole family has to have slippers or slippers, since the 100 meters that separate the beach from the island are rocky.

The Son Real estate: a bit of everything

Another alternative to spend an excellent day, if you are going to Mallorca with children, is the Son Real estate, which is located in the north of Mallorca, in the municipality of Santa Margarita. This rustic estate of more than 395 hectares brings together one of the largest examples of archaeological heritage on the island, combining it with natural and agricultural environments.

Therefore, Son Real is a good option to spend a day walking surrounded by culture and nature. On the farm you will find 4 signposted itineraries that will guide the family through a tour of different environments:

Poblat pretalaiòtic Es Figueral: a 1 km route that runs through the farm’s agricultural area, ending at the Es Figueral talayot, a huge cyclopean construction from the talayotic era, testimony to the primitive inhabitants of the region.

The Camí de l’Illa des Porros – Refugi: a route that crosses a wooded area, full of pines, olive trees and leafy vegetation to end on the coast, specifically in the Arenal d’en Casat.

Punta des Fenicis necropolis: halfway along the route that leads to the coast, you will find a fork that will allow you to visit the Punta des Fenicis necropolis.

Son Bauló: this route can also be continued from the previous one and crosses a beautiful dune area.

Salt des Freu: nature in its purest state

Lastly, in our top 5 excursions to do if you have decided to organize a vacation to Mallorca with kids, but not least, since, without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful routes that the island has, it is the walk to Salt des Freu. A route that will lead you to the most beautiful waterfall in Mallorca. An ideal plan to do with the family!

Do you want travel to Mallorca with kids? 10 tips before traveling

Traveling to Mallorca with children: activities for the family

Beaches, nature, theme parks and there is more. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, if you are going to Mallorca with children, you will not have time to get bored on the island, since, in addition to all of the above, the island has a wide range of activities suitable for families.

One of our favorites is the Fira del Ram, but you can only enjoy it if you visit the island during spring or at Easter.

However, we know that many of our readers, as soon as they can, organize a getaway to Mallorca regardless of the time of year, so here are some activities that you can do with children almost in any season:

Water activities

We already mentioned before that Mallorca has numerous beaches with crystal clear waters; therefore, it is not surprising that it is an ideal destination to practice activities or water sports. Some of them are:

  • Kayak: The Island has many routes that you can do by kayak, on your own or accompanied by specialized monitors. This activity is so popular in Mallorca that almost anywhere on the island you can rent a kayak.
  • Snorkel: Carrying a pair of snorkelling goggles in your bag is always a good idea when visiting Mallorca, but we recommend you visit the Malgrats Islands for snorkelling.
  • Other water activities: jet skis, diving, stand up paddle, electric surfboard, parasail, etc.


Another excellent plan to enjoy a great day if you are going to Mallorca with kids is to do one of the numerous excursions that are offered on the island. Some of the most popular among families are:

  • Excursions on horse or pony: Riding on the back of one of these animals is usually the dream of many children. These types of excursions are carried out in different areas of the island, depending on the age and ability of the participants, or they can also be organized in delimited spaces, such as farms.
  • Excursions by boat: On the island you will find both glass-bottom catamaran rides, as well as tours with stops to enjoy swimming or snorkelling, as well as to visit other islands of the archipelago, such as Cabrera.
  • Visit caves: Mallorca has many caves, but there are only five that are open to the public and can be visited. Our favourites are the caves of Hams and Drach and those of Campanet.


One of the most popular shows among children visiting the island is the Pirates Adventure. But in addition to this type of offer, in Mallorca you will also find a wide variety of family shows (dance, theater, storytelling, etc.), which change depending on the time of year.

If you go to Mallorca with kids, we advise you to consult the island’s cultural agenda. You can also find out which towns are celebrating their patron saint festivities on the dates you visit the island, since they normally include numerous children’s activities in their programming. In this way, in addition to enjoying the shows, you will have the opportunity to interact with the locals.

At home there is also a lot of fun when going to Mallorca with children

To finish, we would like to give you one last piece of advice so that you can enjoy the island to the fullest, if you are going to organize a trip to Mallorca with kids. On the island you will find infinity of plans to do as a family and surely you will not have time to get bored if you visit us with children, but Mallorca is also an ideal destination to relax and simply enjoy its good weather, its gastronomy and it’s their peoples.

Therefore, our advice if you come on holiday to Mallorca with children is to choose an accommodation that allows you to enjoy those moments of calm, while the little ones in the house continue to have fun. For this there is nothing better than choosing a holiday house rental in Mallorca according to the needs of the family.

Having a garden where children can play safely or a pool where they can enjoy while you relax in the sun is priceless. So we invite you to find your ideal accommodation to go to Mallorca with kids in our search engine and organize unforgettable holidays for the whole family.

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